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Drippin Is Here With ‘Nostalgia’ And It Is Everything

Drippin Is Here With ‘Nostalgia’ And It Is Everything


Woollim Entertainment just debuted their newest group Drippin! We, here at The Honey Pop, were very excited for the debut of this group and are pleasantly surprised since the album is quite solid! For a freshly debuted group, ‘Nostalgia’ is one of the best debut songs of the year. Drippin really came on the scene with a bang and showed us what we were missing all year!

‘Nostalgia’ is Drippin’s title song from their first mini-album Boyager and it has the traditional Woollim sound. Woollim Entertainment is known for having multifaceted groups with strong vocalists. Yes, we love Infinite and Golden Child, who are Drippin’s company seniors, in this house. And Drippin is giving us all the familiar feels with this debut. ‘Nostalgia’ gives off a strong Golden Child ‘One (Lucid Dream)’ vibe, which lead us to love the song immediately.

Take A Drippin’ ‘Nostalgia’

The music video for ‘Nostalgia’ does not disappoint! It is absolutely beautiful to look at and the group looks mesmerizing. With a sharp discography and aesthetically pleasing scenes, this is an instant rewatch. The bonus of Drippin’s impeccable vocals is a pleasant addition while streaming this music video. ‘Nostalgia’ is surely a strong start to Drippin’s career!

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Boyager

The entirety of Boyager does not have to hide! The EP is flawless and solid for a debut album and just gets us more excited for what is to come! The mini-album has a total of 6 songs which are, besides ‘Nostalgia, ‘Boyager’ a short intro song to set the mood of the album, ‘Overdrive’ an upbeat dance song that will lift your mood, ‘Shine’ a beautiful ballad, which proves to us how incredible Drippin’s vocalists are, ‘Colors’ a song that will make you cry with how beautiful and well-composed it is. And last but not least ‘Light’ a song where all the boys’ voices come together to bring us something magical.

Drippin has really outdone themselves by putting together such a good and well-established album for a new group and it seems to be rather promising for their future. They already achieved the highest debut on Genie by a rookie group in 2020! We, for one, can’t wait for what the future has in store for these boys and hopefully, we will get a fandom name soon!

Drippin Stans React

So, what is your favorite song on Boyager? What do you think about the music video? Are you a new fan? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Woollim Entertainment via Twitter

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