We Are Still ‘Crazy’ Over These 7 Bazzi Songs

We Are Still ‘Crazy’ Over These 7 Bazzi Songs

Bazzi just dropped his new music video for his single ‘Crazy’! We are certainly ‘Crazy’ over it. The intoxicating visuals of the music video have us shook! This music video is for his new project which will be coming very soon – a little bird told us. ‘Crazy’ was co-produced by Bazzi and Kevin White from Rice N’ Peas and it is a promising beginning for this new album. We certainly can’t wait for more Bazzi music!

We Are ‘Crazy’ For This Video Bazzi

And since we can’t wait for Bazzi’s new project to finally drop. We decided to reminisce about our favorite Bazzi songs that we are still ‘Crazy’ over.


We can’t forget this viral bop to start our list off! ‘Mine’ was a cultural reset!


We are still absolutely obsessed with this song. ‘I.F.L.Y.’ just hits different!


This is one of our favorite songs of of Bazzi’s Soul Searching album!

‘Who Am I?’

This track really hits us in the feels. The lyrics are just way too real and relatable

‘I Don’t Think I’m Okay’

We have to admit no eye is left dry when listening to this emotional song.


We need Bazzi to stop speaking from our soul! ‘Myself’ is that song!


Bazzi is so ‘Honest’ in this track and we can’t help but swoon because of it.

And that’s a wrap, What do you think about the new video for ‘Crazy’? What’s your favorite Bazzi song? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ‘Crazy’ Music Video via Youtube

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