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INTERVIEW: Trevis On Floor Plan And Building From The Ground Up

INTERVIEW: Trevis On Floor Plan And Building From The Ground Up

Every once in a while, we find a new artist who we think will really redefine the sound of a genre and make their own impact on the music scene. Our latest find in that department is the multi-talented Trevis – think Bazzi meets Swae Lee, intertwining pop sensibilities with bouncy trap beats and an effortlessly cool edge.

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Luckily, you’re just in time to start stanning him before he takes off. Trevis will be releasing his debut EP, Floor Plan, in August, and we’re so hyped! So check out his latest single ‘Avenue’ below and gear up to learn more about this impressive rising artist.

Congrats on your latest single, ‘Avenue!’ How does it feel to finally share the song with the world?
The last few months have felt unreal. All I wanna do as an artist is release music and it feels great to have all these records out and have my first EP project coming up!

What does the song ‘Avenue’ mean to you?
I write all my songs from very personal experiences. ‘Avenue’ is one of the songs I’m the proudest of making, especially how the production turned out. ‘Avenue’ came from a vulnerable place. Once I had the guitar down, the melodies and what I wanted to say followed quickly. I had seen this girl for a while, and we were in that awkward stage where I didn’t know what to call us. I kept it mellow and didn’t blow her phone up, but I am a Cancer, and we are very in tune with our emotions. 😂 Staying home and overthinking is the worst thing you can do when you’re in that position. So I went back to my old ways to try and distract myself but ended up feeling more lonely at the club. 

Is there a certain lyric on ‘Avenue’ that you’re particularly proud of? 
“Finding something else to take you off my mind, just keeps you on my mind, even when it comes to, bouncing out the club at two, I would trade it all for you.”

You’ll be releasing your debut EP, Floor Plan, in August, and we can’t wait! How did you know that now was the right time to release your debut? 
I spent most of 2020 and 2021 during lockdown working on my craft and diving into music production. Last year I spent 17 hours a day in the studio, and the end result is a ton of new music I’m extremely proud of making. I’m now writing, producing, and recording myself and these songs are the best representation of who I am as an artist.

Which song on Floor Plan means the most to you and why?
‘We Should Think It Over’ means the most to me because it was the first song I had produced from start to finish by myself and was “proud” enough to play for my team. Hearing them love it gave me the motivation to keep going!

Which songs on Floor Plan took the most and least time to make?
Hmmm. I have no idea. Most of last year was a blur to me. I would start producing one song in the morning, meanwhile recording, and comping another song in the afternoon, and finish writing a third song in the middle of the night. It was wild haha.

If you could build the ultimate venue to have a concert, what kind of venue would you build?
It would look very similar to The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles!

You grew up in Norway but moved to California and quickly wound up working with legends like the BOE Camp and Harmony Samuels! What was it like to get to work with them so early in your career?
When I was in LA, I immediately formed a deep connection and purpose with music. I went from being in such a dark place to developing a deep relationship with my artistry. I studied the craft by spending weekends and after school in the back of Harmony Samuels and the BOE Camp studio sessions, listening to and watching top-tier musicians in their space. Creating music became my therapy and healthy outlet. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mandem!

Harmony Samuels has worked with artists like Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, and Machine Gun Kelly, and we love so many songs he’s helped create! You got to observe a lot of his sessions with other artists – what did you learn from those sessions? Was there a certain artist who really impressed you?
After school and on the weekends, I’d sit in the back of the room studying these great musicians, and at that age just being in the room would give me so much motivation and drive to pursue music. I learned how ideas became charting records, the musical creative process, songwriting – and the honest conversation that it should be with the listeners.

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You’ve gotten to perform at so many cool festivals, including Palmesus and Findings Festival. Is there a certain festival you’re hoping to perform at in the future?
Coachella in the US and Wireless Festival in the UK have always been at the top of my list!

At THP, we’re all about discovering new talent and finding the next big hit before it blows up. Who are some up-and-coming artists you’re digging lately?
Trevis, Trevis, and that other really dope kid, Trevis! LOL!

We love the confidence, and we loved getting to talk to Trevis! Thank you so much to him for answering our questions, and we hope you enjoy ‘Avenue’ as much as we do, honeybees! Let us know what you think of the song in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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