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It’s Time To Celebrate With TWICE

It’s Time To Celebrate With TWICE


TWICE has been on a roll lately. Whether it’s with individual or group releases, they never slow down. And Celebrate didn’t let us down.

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So if you’re a ONCE, then you know that this isn’t the first Japanese release the girls have done. In fact, Celebrate is their fourth Japanese album! Plus, there have been some Japanese versions of past singles released. But Celebrate is different; it corresponds with the group reaching their seventh anniversary, reaching the fifth anniversary of their first Japanese debut, as well as resigning their contracts! This means, more TWICE is on the way. Plus, the girls had writing credits in it! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about Celebrate.

Gif Source: Tenor

Celebrate has eight tracks, with a couple we’ve heard already, such as ‘Doughnut,’ and ‘Just be yourself.’ But the title track, ‘Celebrate,’ was brand new for everyone and was released almost two weeks before the album’s release. And it got us pumped for the rest!

‘Celebrate’ is the perfect track to reveal first and be the leading track overall. The song lyrics are so cute and get us in our feels thinking about how far the group has come 😭. We also loved everyone’s vocals; they were so airy. And the MV, like any TWICE MV, is so colorful and filled with so much cool and cute stuff. We loved it so much. And plus, the choreo is fun!

We were in love with the whole album, but as usual, there were some that stood out to us and instantly became our faves, and we know you’ll love them as well.

Gif Source: Tenor


Okay, but to think how high this track is on the charts makes us very happy. We have to obviously start off with ‘TICK TOCK.’ This track is so, so catchy, and we think it can battle ‘Celebrate’ as the leading track. It has that sound TWICE is loved for, and if it reaches TikTok and trends there as well, we wouldn’t be surprised. Don’t be surprised if you hit replay as soon as it ends.

‘Voices of Delight’

The second track on the album is, ‘Voices of Delight.’ We loved the electric guitar behind the girls’ voices; it was something we never thought would happen, and now that we have it, we need more backtracks like this. The intro is very reminiscent of old Disney openings, you know, the ones we all grew up being obsessed with. It’s too good.

‘That’s all I’m saying’

Now we slow it down a bit with ‘That’s all I’m saying,’ and y’all their vocals in this, those high vocals, we couldn’t stop screaming! The whistle in the background also wraps everything into a nice little bow. It was between this and ‘Bitter Sweet’ to close off our three faves. It was very hard to choose, but hearing them perform it live just secured its spot.

As we mentioned earlier, we really loved Celebrate, and we know we only mentioned three of our favorites for you to check out, but make sure you stream the album to figure out yours!

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And because we know you can never have enough TWICE…

What did you think about ‘Celebrate?’ Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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