TWICE Songs That Make Us Cry, In Honor Of ‘CRY FOR ME’

TWICE Songs That Make Us Cry, In Honor Of ‘CRY FOR ME’

First off, we would like to say how good the song ‘CRY FOR ME’ is, and if you haven’t listened to it already, what are you doing? We guess we’ll do you a favor and tell you; you can find where to stream it here.

Secondly, we know ‘CRY FOR ME’ is not necessarily a super sad song (At first listen), and TWICE doesn’t have many sad, sad songs. But please humor us for a second as we provide you with TWICE songs that make us cry (or very, very emotional) and our favorite lyrics from the tracks. Enjoy!


“Like the sun and moon in the sky / Although we can’t meet, like them / You and I you and I you and I / Don’t forget that we’ll be together.”

‘Be as ONE’

“Because you were here right next to me / I could walk without hesitation / Even the never ending sorrow is not frightening / If we hold our hands and hope / Let us bring our hearts together, be as one.”

‘Like a Fool’

“I’m hesitating so I won’t get hurt / Even though I try to get my courage up, it won’t turn out well / Like I’m a fool.”

‘Merry & Happy’

“But this winter, you’re here / And it’s different / The ringing carols don’t make me cry.”

‘Ice Cream (Melting)’

“After a day passes, I hope we can stay together longer / Only sadness remains / I hope you don’t feel differently.”

‘Missing U’

“You promised me / And I foolishly believed / But when you left, you had no guilt / But still I miss you.”

‘One In A Million’

“When it’s unsolvable as you think / Temporarily take a deep breath.”

‘Precious Love’

“Boy listen, we cried / Until our eyes were so puffy that it hurt / We laughed until our stomachs hurt / We fought as if we’d never see each other / We longed for each other too.”


“You did a good job today / Now rest comfortably / As you think of me.”


“If I close my eyes / I wonder if this distance can be reduced / Not being able to tell you / how painful it is.”

So, What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your fav TWICE sad songs? What do you think about ‘CRY FOR ME?’ Let us know in the comments down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Republic Records, JYP Entertainment

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