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TWICE Are The Queens Of Our Hearts In BETWEEN 1&2

TWICE Are The Queens Of Our Hearts In BETWEEN 1&2

ONCE! It’s time to celebrate, as our queens TWICE are back with their 11th mini album, BETWEEN 1&2! The seven-track bright pop album includes the already-iconic title track ‘Talk That Talk’ and four songs that have writing credits by the members!

There are so many things to love about this album, and it serves as the perfect example of why these nine women are one of the biggest girl groups of all time!

‘Talk That Talk’

The title track of BETWEEN 1&2 is ‘Talk That Talk,’ which has one of our favorite TWICE concepts to date. The Y2K-themed music video sees TWICE attempting, and eventually succeeding, to crack the code and find ONCE’s love. ‘Talk That Talk’ has bright, energetic choreography that we expect will be going viral on your FYP any minute now!

We love how the lyrics, which are all about opening your heart, feature references for some of TWICE’s discography! The inside jokes between ONCE and TWICE (or BETWEEN 1&2 if you will) never end!

There’s Nothing BETWEEN ONCE And TWICE

Speaking of ONCE, which is something TWICE are always doing, there are plenty of references to their dedicated fanbase throughout BETWEEN 1&2. Rock-influenced ‘Queen of Hearts’ is almost a sequel to the iconic ‘Feel Special’ as TWICE thank ONCE with lyrics like “it’s all because of you that I’m the Queen of Hearts.”

Queens Of Our Hearts…And Queens Of Lyricism

One of the very best things about BETWEEN 1&2 is how much the members participated in the album! Chaeyoung wrote lyrics for ‘Basics,’ a song about not taking things too fast and lowkey a favorite track at THP HQ. Jihyo worked on the lyrics and composition of ‘Trouble.’ Dahyun wrote the lyrics of not one, but two songs: ‘Gone’ and the album closer ‘When We Were Kids.’

The ‘Trouble’ Isn’t Over Yet

We’re in for a treat with this era too! TWICE have already made appearances on shows like Music Bank and MTV Fresh with the promise of plenty more left to come. After a very successful 2022 stateside, TWICE are also nominated for their second VMA. ‘The Feels’ is up for Best K-Pop and we’re eagerly waiting to see what happens on August 29th!

This era of TWICE may be one of our favorites yet! Every comeback they somehow surprise us even when our expectations are already so high. Between this album, Nayeon’s solo debut, and their tour earlier this year which made them the first female Korean group (and the second ever after BTS) to headline a stadium in North America, ONCE stay fed.

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You can stream and purchase BETWEEN 1&2 here!

What’s your fave track on TWICE’s BETWEEN 1&2? What do you think of the comeback? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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