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TWICE Knows The Formula Of Love And We’ve Got All ‘The Feels’

TWICE Knows The Formula Of Love And We’ve Got All ‘The Feels’

We’ve waited patiently for TWICE’s third full-length album, Formula of Love O+T=<3 and we finally have it!

Formula Of Love O+T=<3 right off the bat had become really special for not only ONCE, but TWICE as well, as every member had a hand in writing a track for the project. We love self-producing idols! The album’s tracklist is also jam-packed with 17 bops, you are bound to find one that resonants with you and can’t stop listening to *cough* ‘ICON’ *cough*.

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We were first introduced to the sound of Formula Of Love, with the oh so addictive and automatic TikTok hit, ‘The Feels.’ It’s so catchy, the dance is so cute, and whoever came up with the idea for the music video, really has a big brain. There were so many iconic moments that came out of the MV, we don’t know if anything else can top it. Another was the lead track, ‘Scientist’ and let us tell you, we were simping hard when we saw the promo photos, who can blame us?! The stylists really outdid themselves! The track was really fun, and reminded us of old TWICE tracks.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

The album had us in a choke hold from start to finish, with each track bringing something different to the project. With this album we found ourselves falling in love, dancing, and hyping ourselves up. It’s an album for any and every situation, and for that we will be holding Formula Of Love very close to our hearts. But not only that, but each girl showed up and showed off, and we were highly impressed. As we continue to be for every release from the group. Also we know it already has 17 tracks, but we can’t help but want more, because you can never go wrong with ‘MORE & MORE’ TWICE.

We found as soon as we reached the end of the album, we couldn’t help but hit ‘Rewind’ So, after listening through a couple more times, we were finally able to pick some of our faves. So, here are five of our fave tracks from Formula Of Love.






Honorable Mentions: ‘REWIND’ and ‘The Feels’

All five tracks are what we believe, a perfect representation of the variety of sounds that came out of Formula Of Love. So, start with these, then dive into the full experience, you can stream the new album, here.

Image Source: Tenor

But that’s not all! TWICE are going on tour, yes you heard us right, TWICE will be going on their fourth world tour! There first stop will be in Seoul in December, then continue in February in L.A. Be on the look out for ticket sales, because we know those girls can sell out venues. Check out the tour poster below!

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Image Source: JYP Entertainment

So, what was your favorite track off of Formula Of Love O+T=<3? Are you excited for the TWICE tour? Let us know in the comments down below, on twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more TWICE in your life? We’ve got you covered!


Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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