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6 Looks From Sana That Prove She Is A Fashion Queen

6 Looks From Sana That Prove She Is A Fashion Queen

We never get shy, shy, shy when sharing our love for Sana from TWICE! She is one of the three Japanese members of TWICE and the resident sunshine of the group. Whether it’s an energetic, cute comeback or a sophisticated, mature one, she makes sure always to deliver in the looks category. Everyone knows how gorgeous she is in their comebacks, at their shows, and during photoshoots. We want to ‘Celebrate’ some of her iconic looks, so come with us as we ‘Talk That Talk’ on some of her great fashionista moments!

Sana from TWICE smiling
Image Source: Tenor

The ‘Feel Special’ Music Video

One thing is certain about Feel Special era: pink is Sana’s color! Paired with her bubblegum hair color, Sana’s outfits and makeup were on point. From the pink two-piece set during the chorus to her pink-hued makeup, these looks were popular with fans. She looked ‘Fancy’ and cute at the same time!

Sana's photos for TWICE Feel Special Era
Image Source: JYP Entertainment

The Taste Of Love Concept Photos

Have you ever wanted to see a mature, cute, and mystical Sana all in one album? Taste Of Love delivered and gave all of these looks! The concept photos for TWICE’s Taste of Love album didn’t spare any of the Sana fans. She showed off some cute beach clothes, dazzling dresses, and rocking jewelry for this comeback. Dare we say some of her best looks?

TWICE Taste of Love concept photos with Sana
Image Source: JYP Entertainment

The ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ Era

You really can’t stop Sana! During the group’s promotions for ‘I Can’t Stop Me,’ she wore business outfits and colorful sets for many different stages. One day we would get her in a blazer and skirt set, and the next a beautiful, illuminating dress. Her outfits were always complimented with leg warmers, gloves, sparkling jewelry, and more! This promotion had so many different outfits which proved that Sana doesn’t look bad in anything.

The III World Tour

If you thought her outfits on screen were insane, wait until you see them in person. During the TWICE World Tour, III, Sana showed off different personalities with her outfits. With each performance, she gave us something new to eat up, but her most iconic look was her encore outfit from their LA show! The crop top paired with her bow and jeans was a look for the books!

Sana encore look for TWICE 2022 World Tour
Image Source: m.by_sana via Instagram

Milan Fashion Week

This look needs to be talked about more and that’s exactly what we plan to do! Sana was a representative for Prada at this year’s Milan Fashion week and blew us away. It’s rare for us to see Sana not having colorful hair or flashy outfits. She was more on the mature side and showed off her gorgeous, long hair. Prada made the right choice by choosing her to attend the event! JYP if you’re reading this, please give us more mature looks on Sana!

Sana at Milan Fashion Week
Image Source: m.by_sana via Instagram

‘Talk That Talk’ Era

We want to ‘Talk That Talk’ about Sana during TWICE’s most recent comeback. If you looked up “cute” in the dictionary, she would be there! She proved she’s the queen of cute with her outfits this era. She went back to her roots, showing off many colorful outfits on stage. She gave us Charlie’s Angels, school girl, and princess in all of her different fits. ‘Talk That Talk’ Sana gives Taste of Love Sana a run for her money.

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TWICE comeback thumbnail with Sana
Image Source: kpop_sbs Via Twitter

Sana is a woman of many styles and we can’t wait to see more of her iconic looks for future comebacks! What’s your favorite look from Sana? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or check out our Facebook and Instagram!



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