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Nayeon ‘POP’s Onto The Scene As A Soloist

Nayeon ‘POP’s Onto The Scene As A Soloist

Miss Im Nayeon from Twice is a soloist now? No, we aren’t in an alternate universe, it’s true! It’s about time too, and we at THP have lots to say in support of this queen. You know we’re big Onces over here, right? Nayeon provided many gifts with this debut, so let’s carefully unwrap them and see what exactly she gave us.

A ‘POP’ping MV + Song

The hype for this track and music video was well deserved because ‘POP!’ was magnifique! Nayeon brought her A-game; she came, she delivered, she conquered. Now she is establishing her own sound and color(s) as a soloist, and we love what we’re seeing and hearing. Let’s dive right into it!

First, this music video feels very much like “Nayeon.” There’s a wide range of aesthetics but all of them have that Nayeon touch. The video is vibrant and colorful and does not fail to catch anyone’s eye. One thing is for sure, you can’t peel your eyes from the screen when this music video is on. Plus, Nayeon is absolutely mesmerizing in every shot. We have to say the cinematography was incredible! It was super cool when Nayeon showed a checkered phone case to the camera, and then one of the diamonds moved to reveal she was wearing it as a hat! Not to mention the choreography, which is fun and Nayeon performs with such ease; we can’t take our eyes off her.

As for the song, it matches the video in being bright and lively. Nayeon sounds absolutely fantastic but of course, we expected that from such a queen. The song is rather catchy, we have found ourselves doing the “pop pop pop!” part absentmindedly (along with the hand choreography). Moreover, SM’s resident hitmaker, KENZIE (Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor,’ Baekhyun’s ‘Candy,’ etc.) and lyricist Lee Seuran (Kep1er’s ‘WA DA DA,’ Everglow’s ‘LA DI DA,’ etc.) worked on this track, which is probably why it’s so good! Song of the summer, perhaps 👀…? We think so!

Im Nayeon’s B-Sides

Now for the rest of the gifts that Nayeon brought us: her b-sides. This is a wonderful mix of sounds that represents Nayeon splendidly. Each one is unique and shows off a different side of her artistry, and we feel quite honored to experience these tracks.

‘NO PROBLEM’ (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)

We love a good JYP family crossover! First, ‘No Problem’ is already a fun dance track, but you’re saying we get to hear Felix too? Not gonna lie, we were really excited when the track-list dropped and his name was there. The contrast between their voices is so clear that it’s impossible to miss, but it makes the track even more enjoyable. We have absolutely ‘No Problems’ with this bop and we hope that Nayeon gets to collaborate with some of her other label mates in the future!

‘LOVE COUNTDOWN’ (Ft. Wonstein) 

Nayeon dips into the K-R&B realm with ‘Love Countdown,’ which went viral on Twitter and has been used in several edits for other K-Pop idols. Check out an example below!

The lyrics are quite straightforward, as Nayeon is asking someone she has feelings for if they’d like to be her lover. Wonstein seems to be playing the part of her lover, and the song is like a conversation between the two, with Wonstein expressing his worries later on. For one thing, their voices complement one another quite nicely, so we hope maybe there could be another Nayeon x Wonstein collaboration in the future. Overall, the song is a wholesome one and we’ll probably have it on repeat for a while.


‘Candyfloss’ is as sweet as the title suggests. Nayeon paints beautiful images with the lyrics and we can’t help but groove to the beat. This song has Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall on the credits as a composer and writer, and we couldn’t be more grateful because ‘Candyfloss’ is everything and we’re kind of obsessed with it. The funky bass and beat are our favorite…what a vibe. It would also be a crime if we don’t mention Nayeon’s harmonies and fun adlibs which just complete the song. Chef’s kiss for this one, truly.


Next, we have ‘All Or Nothing,’ which Nayeon penned herself in addition to ‘Love Countdown!’ This song kind of adopts a bit more of an R&B sound, as we take it down a notch. On this track, Nayeon discusses her worries, her thoughts, and herself as an idol. It’s a very personal song, but a fan favorite! One lyric that really stood out to us was, “Even though I know myself the best, I still don’t know anything.” Nayeon is truly opening up and letting us in with this track, and we are honored. We hope Nayeon gets to write more songs and we also hope we get to hear them in the near future!


Happy birthday to us? Oh, Nayeon, you shouldn’t have 🥰. But actually, this song is super cute and, like ‘All Or Nothing,’ it also takes a bit more of an R&B sound to blend into the pop one. We’re not sure if this song is to someone specifically, or if it’s a message to Nayeon’s past/future self. The message is heartwarming, though, hoping that the person she’s singing to will be able to take their special day for themselves, away from the noisy world. You could say that this is a heart-fluttering song, because honestly, who doesn’t like being wished a happy birthday? Remember to put this on when your birthday rolls around!

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‘SUNSET (The Sunset Is Pretty)’

Finally, ‘Sunset’ takes on a more jazzy sound as we close out this mini-album. This song takes a turn from the others as Nayeon now sings a sadder song about love. It sounds like she had to let someone go but she still loves them…our hearts just broke. Some fans have expressed that this song feels like perfect K-Drama OST material, and we have to agree! This is what one fan said:

The song itself is beautiful, especially with Nayeon’s backing vocals harmonizing as she sings these heartwrenching lyrics. The string instrumentation makes it even more beautiful, we’re holding back tears. We’d love to see Nayeon do another song like this for her next project. Fingers crossed!

This Is Im Nayeon

What an album, Nayeon! A round of applause for you, congratulations on a successful solo debut! Did you all notice that in the ‘POP’ music video and on her album cover that she makes her last name, “Im” turn into “I’m” so it turns into “I’m Nayeon”? This is to signify her new identity as a soloist in addition to a member of Twice. Clever, right? Oh, one more thing! Be sure to check out Nayeon’s ‘POP!’ performance on MTV’s Fresh Out, as it is her American broadcast debut if you haven’t already! You can do so here.

Alrighty, Onces, now you have to tell us your thoughts about Nayeon’s solo debut! Did you love the ‘POP’ MV? Which b-side was your favorite? Who do you want to see featured with Nayeon next? If you may kindly leave a comment below or on Twitter at @TheHoneyPopInstagram, or Facebook, we would love to get your thoughts! Thank you for tuning in, we’ll see you when Twice returns!



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