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K-POP HOTSPOT: June 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: June 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

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We are halfway through 2022; how is this real? What is the time? Well, no matter how fast time passes, K-Pop is always right by our side. Yes, that means it is time again for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts: THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! June was packed with quality music, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as aespa, GOT7 YOUNGJAE, KARD, STRAY KIDS, bugAboo, LOONA, OMEGA X, WONHO, WOO!AH!, PIXY, FROMIS_9, THE BOYZ, SUNMI, and TWICE’s NAYEON.

Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts from June.


Is it possible for ONEW’s voice to get any sweeter? We didn’t think so, but then he released his latest Japanese EP, and we were floored! ONEW brings the soft melodies and soothing vocals right to our hearts.


To kick off the summer season right, Jo Yuri made her long-awaited comeback with her hit song ‘Love Shhh!.’ Not only did she look like a true queen in the music video for her lead single, but the song’s chorus gets stuck in your ear immediately! The rest of the album really offered us all of the summery variety and beautiful vocals!


Class:y did not hesitate to make a super quick return with their second mini-album and the title song, ‘CLASSY.’ We are sure no one will forget their name now with this bop being stuck in their ears, and we really hope the girls get some rest soon after delivering bop after bop to us! They truly have been working hard.


The ever-lovely Kim Jaehwan is back with his new digital single ‘Snail,’ and it sounds like an OST straight out of a romance K-drama! He sings about moving slowly and steadily toward his lover, no matter how long it takes. It’s a super sweet song with an equally sweet music video that documents a couple’s adorable romance. *cries* When will it be our turn?


We’re jealous of anyone with June birthdays right now. Imagine your fave dropping a whole mini-album in your birth month. Highlight’s Son Dongwoon celebrates his birthday by gifting us a new EP titled Happy Birthday. The title track ‘Today’s Weather’ is a refreshing summer bop with nothing but good vibes. This marks Dongwoon’s first solo comeback in three years, and he didn’t disappoint, especially not with that piano solo!


Okay, can we just say we’re LIVING for Secret Number’s bad*ss and carefree era? Their comeback with Doomchita is everything! The title track’s music video is lit, the instrumentals are killer, and do you hear that beat drop before the chorus? It had our jaws on the floor. And their b-side ‘Hola’ is a groovy summer bop that fits right at home in our vacation playlist. We truly get the best of both worlds with Secret Number’s new single album.


Do you ever wanna let out your inner wolf? Trendz got you covered! Their new single ‘WHO’ channels all the 4th gen boy group fanfare and lets out your inner beast. We defo got a new workout jam with this one! The rest of the album offered us so much that it took us a good 24 hours to digest the music!


We are probably not the only ones who can’t wait for MCND’s upcoming comeback! Thankfully the boys treated us to a banger as a pre-release. ‘W.A.T.1’ is an absolute banger and needs to be on each and every one of your playlists immediately!

Seo Inguk

Everybody, stay calm! Or at least try to, because Seo Inguk is back after nearly five years with a new single album, Love&Love! There aren’t enough words to express just how much we love the two tracks ‘My Love’ and ‘Be My Melody.’ We’ve missed Seo Inguk’s music so much, and his beautiful voice immediately soothes us after a long and stressful day. And we can’t forget to show love for Ravi’s feature in ‘My Love’ because his verse was the icing on the cake for us!


Drippin’s comebacks keep getting better and better, and we’re beyond impressed with Villain:Zero! Their new single ‘Zero’ hits different, with a catchy chorus and powerful vocals! And those visuals are no joke. The b-sides ‘Game’ and ‘Trick and Treat’ are just as memorable, and either of them could’ve been the title track. We’re going to need people to stop sleeping on Drippin, but we don’t doubt that they’ll get even more recognition with this comeback!


If you haven’t heard about BDC yet, what exactly are you doing? These boys have been delivering retro bops for their past three comebacks, and we loved every single one of those songs. Now they treat us to a more mellow sound. A ballad album is just what we were missing to realize BDC’s full potential. We love it here!


Where can we find a man who will write catchy love songs about us? Dawn’s new single, ‘Stupid Cool,’ is an endearing track about losing your cool in front of the one you like or love. (We know all about that!) He sings about being inspired by his love and acting cliche and cheesy whenever he’s with Hyuna. Excuse us while we scream into our pillows and kick our feet at how cute they are.


Lapillus make their long-awaited debut as MLD’s new girl group! And yes, they bring back the good old days of EDM dance music! Not only do the girls look like they are from out of this world but they also own this piece of music completely! We could not sit still while listening to this absolute jam. Here is to a bright future for Lapillus and more bangers soon!


Are those ICU members we are seeing in this new subunit? We surely are, and we are feeling nostalgic! The girls re-debut with ‘Rapunzel’ filling the fantasy pop hole that was in our hearts! We love a good girl crush concept, but sometimes we just want the good old bubble gum fluff fantasy bop, and Girl’s World brings us exactly that!


Is that an AI member that we are seeing here? K-POP has surely been evolving a lot in the past years, and while SUPERKIND has five members, only four of them are actual human beings. The fifth is an AI that is ready to provide us with content 24/7. As for the music, ‘WATCH OUT’ is a jam that fits right in with the rest of 2022 boy group bangers!


Every summer is a treat with so many incredible K-Pop summer releases, and Kep1er’s second EP, Doublast, is definitely one of those! These girls know how to make their songs get stuck in our heads, especially with their catchy title track ‘Up!’ We physically can’t stop listening to this mini-album, and there are no bad songs. They slayed this comeback. Period.

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Everybody scream ‘LOUDER’ because Tan is back this month! Their second mini-album has us more than excited. The different genres and songs we got in this short EP are amazing and has us absolutely hyped for this group! ‘LOUDER’ is catchy and a ton of fun, and we promise you. It gave us a lot of 2nd gen vibes combined with dance music in the chorus. A hit for every party; you won’t regret checking it out!


VERIVERY we will never stop loving you and your music. That’s why we were more than excited to see the group make a Japanese comeback with the Japanese version of ‘Undercover.’ We love the new lyrics to this old favorite and have been alternating between both versions to jam to! They never miss.


OnlyOneOf will treat us every month now with a solo release, and up first is Yoojung with the synth-pop fun ‘Begin.’ Well, that’s what we call a true bop of a beginning! We can’t wait for what else is to come from the group! Yoojung really proved he got what it takes for a soloist!


June has been a month full of long-awaited comebacks, and Huta is one we need to add to the list! He’s back after three years with his second studio album, Boom, featuring 12 flawless tracks with a variety of music genres that we’ll be replaying for at least a few months. The title track ‘Boom’ is a banger with Huta’s fiery rap verses alternating with his powerful vocals and high notes. And some of our favorite b-sides include ‘Dear My Spring,’ ‘Is It Love?,’ and ‘Red Wine.’


Some K-rock, anybody? It is time to go back to our emo phase with this superband winner CraXilver! ‘Dash’ goes hard, and we have had this song stuck in our heads since it dropped at the end of this month. Honestly, our Punk and Rock worlds are colliding.


Before the K-Pop royalty group drops their 11th studio album, they treat us to a fun pre-release. Super Junior really knows when they sound best, and it’s fun songs like ‘Don’t Wait’ that make their discography so well-rounded and fun. The single really reminds us of SJ classics like ‘Devil,’ and that tells you how fun ‘Don’t Wait’ is!


Trust Heize to close out June and pride month with a bang! We have been counting down the days until Undo would drop, and thankfully today, this jam is here! The album is packed with so many amazing songs, and the title track ‘Undo’ is a hit in itself. Heize never misses, and we respect that.

How did we make it through this month of bangers without collapsing, right? Are we ready for July’s comebacks to come at us in full force? Of course! What was your favorite comeback of June? Which one are you most excited about in July? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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