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J-Hope’s New Single Leaves Us Wanting ‘MORE’ Of What’s To Come For Jack In The Box

J-Hope’s New Single Leaves Us Wanting ‘MORE’ Of What’s To Come For Jack In The Box

ARMY, this is not a drill, J-Hope’s first single for his solo album Jack In The Box is available on all digital music-streaming platforms! So, of course, to start the weekend right, we’ll be streaming this hit until further notice.

We all know Hobi as the lead dancer of BTS, a member of the powerful rapline trio, and as our sunshine. However, for his single ‘MORE,’ he showed us a completely different side of his persona. This song is not like the bright, upbeat Hope World album we all know and love. It’s a darker concept that gives us a glimpse of his artistic expression, his growth as an artist, and what we can expect to see from him in this new chapter of his career.

With that being said, here is our interpretation of the incredible music video that was released for ‘MORE:’

Doors In The Hallway

As we all know, most of BTS’ songs have deeper meanings than what’s on the surface, and this case is no different. What if the multiple doors in the music video represent the different sides of J-Hope?

In the video, as J-Hope opens each door, a new environment is revealed: an office, a patient room where X-rays are being done, a living room, and a tool room where he’s performing with a band. What could these rooms signify? Perhaps they’re glances as to what Hobi’s persona is in different settings when he’s in the office compared to when he’s relaxing in the living room.

Cardboard Box

We personally loved how the music video started with J-Hope receiving a package at the beginning of the video and him closing the box at the end of it. Given the title of his anticipated album, Jack In The Box, we believe the box signified mystery and an explosion of new things waiting to be discovered. By an explosion of new things, we mean Hobi’s vast array of personality traits and charms.

Also, we may be looking too much into this haha, but what if every room J-Hope entered being in a tiny box was a way of symbolizing that although he is starting a new chapter in his career, he will still carry each part of him wherever he goes? Something to think about.

Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Did you pick up on the hints from J-Hope’s past songs? There’s an image of a Jack in the Box toy and text with phrases like “back in my room.” Coincidence? We think not! 

See Also

Also, in the music video for ‘Daydream,’ J-Hope crawls into a small square opening, perhaps leading to another room, which is similar to the video for ‘MORE.’ Could it be a portal from Hope World to Jack In The Box?

We hope you’re loving ‘MORE’ as much as we are because this dark, powerful song with cool guitar sounds and drum beats left us in awe! This rock-type beat is not something we expected to hear, but it’s AMAZING! We don’t know about you, but our schedule is clear for July 15 because we’ll be busy listening to the rest of the tracks on Jack In The Box

Now that we’ve left you with a few things to think about, here’s one more question we’re sure is on everyone’s mind: Do you think J-Hope will perform ‘MORE’ at Lollapalooza? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop. If you’d like to read more about BTS, here it is


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