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JP Saxe Took Us To Heaven in London

JP Saxe Took Us To Heaven in London

After a long, long wait here in London, we finally got to see JP Saxe live in London’s Heaven and wow, did he impress us!

Introducing his first two openers, JP explained how he knew what it was like to open as a support act and thanked everyone for being there. In 2020, we saw JP open for Lennon Stella and we’re incredibly proud that he’s now headlining his own show.

First on the stage was Victoria Canal where she played songs from her EP Victoria. She was sweet, saying how thankful she was to be there and the crowd cheered loudly when she finished her set.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop

Next was Luz, who treated us to a slow, piano cover of Dua Lipa’s iconic ‘Don’t Start Now.’ She played her heartbreaking originals with haunting vocals and we were pretty much sobbing along with the rest of the audience.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop

And finally, JP took to the stage, accompanied by loud cheers and whoops from the crowd. He began with his tracks ‘4:30 in Toronto,’ ‘Tension’ and ’25 in Barcelona.’ He said he thought it was crazy that people were singing the lyrics back to him. The audience sang along, cheering when he brought out his tour manager to play guitar with him for ‘Hold It Together,’ a song, JP explained, is about “being strong in a relationship” and how he’d misinterpreted being strong physically for being strong mentally and sharing every part of you in a relationship.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop

He treated us to another “angry love song” called ‘3 Minutes’ from his EP Hold It Together. We all sang along to his iconic song with the awesome Julia Michaels called ‘If The World Was Ending.’ The Canadian singer told us that his debut album Dangerous Levels of Introspection came out a year ago last week and how amazed he was headlining his first-ever show in London.

Then he went off-mic, wanting to play a love song to the crowd, but he confessed it was “cute in concept” but perhaps not logistical as the back of the room couldn’t hear anything.

Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey Pop
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JP admitted he’d forgotten an encore and decided to make it a “group activity” for the crowd members to shout out what they’d like him to play. As you can imagine, there were many different answers so he settled on a mashup of his songs.

So, as you can probably tell, we love JP and his shows are always a load of fun. We can’t wait to see what he has lined up for the future and he did tell us he’d finished his second album (eek!) so stay tuned!

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