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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Dua Lipa

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Dua Lipa

Dua (that’s Albanian for love) Lipa admits “I got new rules; I count ’em,” while prancing down a sold-out Madison Square Garden runway. She’s in a highlighter yellow look that could only rival Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga collection. It’s a mood in every sense, and sets the scene for our love for Dua!

Each breakup instruction takes us back to the very tropical synth-pop sound that started it all. Of course, that was all the way in 2017—the year even Niall Horan himself used his 140-character limit to give a raving tweet review. Now five years later, ‘New Rules’ has not only brisked through New York’s air and Pilton’s chill but has also caused us at THP to pick up a couple of other reasons to stan her! 

1. A Jetsetter’s Curation 

From collaborators, Megan Thee Stallion and Elton John, to comedic gold in Russell Brand, Dua Lipa: At Your Service is the companion podcast to the weekly free newsletter Service95. The newsletter that just released its 13th (yes, Billboard-charting peer Taylor Swift’s lucky number) issue. It’s exactly what we’d imagine Lipa would be blogging about if she were to simply be another person on the ‘net! Additionally, there’s a humanitarian focus by inviting activists in on the conversation, including transgender asylum seeker ally Iman Le Claire. 

2. Donatella’s Daughter  

These days, scrolling through an influencer’s Instagram account gives us the same insight as walking through their presumably Princess Diaries-esque wardrobe, remote control included. Dua’s Instagram is constantly serving. Fresh off Fashion Week’s 2022 runway, Dua rocked designer brand AREA on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with AREA sharing the stunning look on their Instagram. Over on Dua’s Insta, a caption reading “a night needed with the girls 💓🦋” introduced a relaxed Dua tossed with pink butterfly threads from Italian fashion house Blumarine.

And of course, four perfectly sequenced squares were needed as Dua showcased her GRAMMYs fit, in 1992 archived Versace! Lipa knows just how to filter her outfits, so they’re a voyage between a highbrow fashion-critiqued subsection of SHEIN‘S Y2K and a 60s rock star who honestly does not give a damn. Hence, a cozy sweatshirt and g-string ensemble, giving us life! She also loves a good hair moment! Strawberry, baby pink, or sherbert orange are all colors once streaking her hair.  

3. “Love The Simulation We’re Dreaming In!” 

Admittedly, maybe we wouldn’t find a tarot reading in Lipa’s browser history, but she does have knowledge of the colors belonging to her aura. For necessities, when Flaunt‘s Gus Donohoo interviewed her at The House of Intuition, the psychic described it as “predominantly white with blue emanating at the edges.” Our mystic Queen also calls upon the magic of the moon and stars when it comes to manifestation. She jokes that she thought the ‘Cold Heart’ collaboration into existence! What about ‘Love Again?‘ Well, maybe songwriting is Dua’s way of scripting and manifesting! Moreover, everything is not just for social media, as Lipa uses yoga as an everyday practice to destress!

4. Unified Festival   

Dua Lipa’s down-to-earth disposition must’ve been a trait brought down by her parents, as before she rose to her trending topic fame, they were well known for another reason. A kind reason, in fact! Every year under her charity, named Sunny Hill Foundation, the father-daughter duo puts on a festival in Kosovo, Pristina. If you haven’t heard of the place, that’s cool. We’re right there with you! It was this very event that put the 1.873 million population state on the map for many, for its exuberant culture, having the likes of Miley Cyrus and Calvin Harris perform.

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5. Cosmic Fangirl Of 80s Anime    

In a time when everyone and their brother has taken up postage in Springfield, Lipa prefers the scenic route; driving around faraway galaxies in her pink convertible, which is an obvious nod to the late 90s anime Sailor Moon! It’s not a lone Easter egg either, sprinkled into her animated music video for ‘Levitating,’ that is, as her cartoon-self revels in the cosplay of another hair-envied soldier with trademarked glossy eyes and a heart-stamped makeup mirror. The pink fiesta was a part of a promotional tool for Future Nostalgia, displayed in two other animated music videos for ‘Break My Heart’ and ‘Hallucinate.’ Lipa’s callback roots embed in a past interview with Wired as she said her obsession revolves around Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo

Loves, do you recall the defining moment you boarded Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ spacecraft destined to stan her forever? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP


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