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INTERVIEW: KAMILLE Talks ‘weight loss,’ Working With Our Faves, And More!

INTERVIEW: KAMILLE Talks ‘weight loss,’ Working With Our Faves, And More!

It’s true: KAMILLE is one of the most talented artists in the music industry! Between working with UK pop legends like Dua Lipa and Little Mix, as well as releasing her own incredible solo work, there’s nothing she can’t do and we’re watching a musical legend in the making.

Her latest masterpiece, ‘weight loss,’ is proof of her clever lyrical talent and her overall prowess when it comes to tracks that are just as catchy as they are relatable. The song flips the idea of losing weight into one about losing the weight off your shoulders after a breakup, and we love the empowering message!

We got to ask KAMILLE all about the artistry behind ‘weight loss,’ her star-studded collabs, her studio process, and more, so press play on ‘weight loss’ below and keep reading to learn more about her exceptional work!

Congrats on your new single, ‘weight loss!’ How does it feel to share the song with the world and see how fans react?
It feels incredible because this song came from my heart, and I just wanted to empower as many people as I could through their own personal weight loss and their own personal break-up situation, so knowing it’s touched people in any way is a beautiful thing to me.

We’re obsessed with the concept of ‘weight loss,’ focusing on how moving on from someone toxic can feel like a weight off your shoulders. How did you come up with that idea?
I had the ‘weight loss’ title for ages, I had a list of song titles that I would play around with sometimes in the studio. That one was one that I hadn’t quite connected yet and when I was in the studio, it just felt like it came to me that day as something I needed to write about and I suddenly remembered that feeling when I had lost toxic weight from my life. And I said, “yes, this is what I need to write about.” So it kind of chose me that day, the title.

What advice would you give to someone who’s having trouble moving on from a breakup and getting to that “I can finally breathe” stage you describe in the song?
The best thing you can do is surround yourself with friends and family, and I know that sounds so obvious, but they will literally top you up with the love you need in the meantime so you can love yourself again. It’s a very hard process and I think surrounding yourself with those who can make you your favorite food, or take you to the cinema… just the little things, like going with you to Sainsbury’s when you are feeling rubbish, I think those are the things that we take for granted that mean everything when you go through a breakup. Slowly, you remember how to be yourself again, but it does take a minute. You just have to be patient with yourself, for sure.

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One of our favorite lines on ‘weight loss’ is “I think loving you was the one thing I couldn’t get right,” since it captures the frustration of a breakup while also having a confident attitude. Is there a certain lyric you’re especially proud of?
Yes, I think probably the one that you pointed out. That song, oh my gosh, that lyric means a lot. I love the lyric “blood, sweat and tears to let you go” because literally getting rid of someone bad in your life feels like going to the gym for five hours. It’s that kind of pain you have to go through to get rid of something you need to lose. But there’s so many lyrics, but I think the whole song basically!

Your vocals on ‘weight loss’ are giving us life! They match the feeling of the song so well – is there anything special you do to get into the right headspace before you record?
Typically, I tend to delve back into the pain I felt. I know that sounds really negative and sad, but I have to be in a painful place when I sing a painful song, otherwise I sound a bit too happy and you won’t feel the pain in the vocals. I definitely tend to remember the times I do feel really sad, but I get through it by singing through it. It’s quite an emotional place to be, but it’s worth it because you get the real emotions of the song.

When you got started with making music, you left your job as a stockbroker so you could focus on what you loved doing in the studio. Was it scary for you to make that jump? What was going through your head at the time?
It wasn’t scary for me at all because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I have a lot of conviction sometimes and no one can stop me from doing anything. Everyone knows that about me. I am very independent and very driven; just as driven as I was in the finance industry. I knew that I wanted to make it in the music industry, so I think for me it was a very clear decision and anyone who didn’t understand it at the time, I just wasn’t here for it. I had to just go do what I needed to do, and I knew that I would make it. So, it was a really easy decision actually. I was like, “bye!”

We at THP are huge Mixers, and you’ve gotten to work with Little Mix on iconic songs like ‘Break Up Song,’ ‘Think About Us,’ and ‘Shout Out To My Ex!’ Are there any favorite memories you have of working with the girls?
Yes, I probably think it would be dancing around in the studios or drinking mountains of champagne, because for some reason we always like to drink champagne in the studio, because we are so extra. It definitely helped us to get into the mood, we would always use going into the studio as a reason to order champagne. I think when they won and collected their single at the BRIT Awards, I think that was a moment sitting next to them and seeing them so happy, it felt like one of those slow-motion moments you’ll never forget. Those are beautiful moments for sure, definitely.

You’ve said that part of why you and Little Mix have gotten along so well musically is because you try to build a strong friendship with the artists you work with. What are some ways you like to get closer to people you’ll be writing with?
Oh my gosh! I stalk them, I obsess over them on Instagram. I know their whole lives so that when they come into the studio, I know more facts about them than they know about themselves. It’s really weird and I’ll be talking to them and able to have convo. It’s really important to do that because when they want to share something with you, they feel like you’re connecting to them on a deeper level, and it just helps to get a better song. I am a very nosy person though, I like to know everything about everyone so I do stalk people, but it’s out of love. Haha!

In addition to Little Mix, you’ve written for the likes of Dua Lipa (‘Cool’), Mabel (‘Don’t Call Me Up’), and Jess Glynne (‘I’ll Be There’). Who’s an artist you’d love to get in the studio with?
I think I definitely want to get back in with Dua, I feel like there’s more for us to do for sure, it’s such a beautiful experience being in the studio with her for this album, and it was GRAMMY-winning so I feel like it’s a sign that we need to do more together.

Another artist you’ve been crushing it with is Clean Bandit – you recently tweeted that you were in the studio with them, and you’ve already worked with them on tracks like the 2018’s ‘Solo’ with Demi Lovato and 2020’s ‘Tick Tock’ with Mabel and 24kGoldn. What’s it like for you to get to reunite with an artist you’ve worked with in the past, especially when your songs together have been so successful?
I was in the studio with Clean Bandit last week or the week before, working on their new music, and the fact that we have so much success in the past makes it really fun. It makes it a lot of fun because we know what we are doing, and we actually wrote such an incredible song. I was so excited about this particular song; I am so gassed about it. I just know them really well. I work closely with Jack (Patterson) and Grace (Chatto) in particular. They are really vocal about what they want, and I know we can be honest. I think when you have had success in the past with an artist, it allows you to be in this honest place when you can say very easily if something is good or bad. No one is taking anything to heart, and everyone is just really open and transparent and you kind of trust each other a lot more when you have had success in the past, I think.

How does your approach to your own work differ from how you approach working with another artist?
It’s actually exactly the same, I get asked this question a lot and I love this question because, yeah, I can imagine you would think that but for me, it’s exactly the same. I just like writing music and I love making stuff, creating something out of nothing. The only slight difference is when it’s my songs, it’s my experience and my truth, so I don’t have any doubt about what I am saying or if I can go to extremes with any of my lyrics. But, other than that, it’s exactly the same.

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You recently told The Independent that you aren’t planning an album at the moment, opting to play with singles instead. When you’re working on a song or getting ready to release it, do you think about how it connects to your other releases or let it stand on its own?
I am on a thread at the moment with honest lyrics – I think that has connected very well with ‘Learning’ that I released earlier this year and now with ‘weight loss.’ I think that’s something that has found me and through the process of these two singles, it probably helped shape what the album will be, because everything needs to feel really really honest. Yeah, I am definitely working towards an album, and when the album comes, it will just feel like a string of all of these songs connected I think.

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How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist since you dropped your first original song, ‘Body,’ in 2017?
I have grown so much; I think I know who I am now. I think I was still discovering who I was at ‘Body.’ I am definitely more in tune with who I am, I am very confident about my insecurities, I am very able to share my vulnerability and I think that’s an empowering thing that only comes through experience and figuring out who you are. You start to trust yourself and seeing the response from people out there connecting to your openness, I think that allows you to have more faith that you can continue being like that. Yeah, so I think experience has led me to the place I am, so now I know myself a lot more.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with your music already, which of your songs would you recommend to them to get a feel for who you are as an artist?
I would say ‘Learning’ actually as ‘Learning,’ which obviously came through a really sad point in my life, through depression and so much anxiety. But I think through seeing me at my lowest and hearing what I had to say at my lowest time, will definitely allow you to understand the empowering nature of a lot of my songs as it usually comes from a place of pain, why I want to empower myself and I want to empower others. So, ‘Learning’ will probably be a very good place to start.

At THP, we’re all about discovering new talent and finding the next big hit before it blows up. Who are some up-and-coming artists you’re digging lately?
I love debbie, she’s an incredible singer. I also love saff, she’s also an incredible singer. There’s a few people actually, but I would say debbie and saff at the moment I am really, really into.

What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2022?
More music, more features, more collabs, more amazing songs I have written for other artists, and a headline show as well, which is going to be so exciting. Yeah, just more on every level. I am just not going to stop flooding everyone with more of my music, I just can’t wait to do that.

KAMILLE can’t wait to do that, and we can’t wait to see her do that! She’s a powerhouse in every sense of the word and it was so fun to talk to her about her work.

Thank you so much to KAMILLE for answering all our questions and giving us so much incredible music to listen to! Now we wanna hear from you – let us know your favorite KAMILLE song on Twitter @thehoneypop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram, so come say hi. And for more exclusive interviews with all your favorite stars, click here.


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