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Our Favorite Kamille Tracks To Hold You Over Until K1 Releases!

Our Favorite Kamille Tracks To Hold You Over Until K1 Releases!

It’s finally happening! Our girl Kamille is blessing us with the release of her debut mini album, K1!

Following on from her successful single ‘Muscle Memory’ with Nile Rodgers, the GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter’s debut mini album is self-produced and is a new chapter in the rising R&B star’s success story. K1 is set to release on September 9th, which is a bit of a wait, but worry not! Kamille also has a brand new single that has every potential to be your song of the summer for 2023.

‘Options’ is an empowering new single with the whole process created entirely by women, and features rising star Tamera and the princess of UK R&B Bellah.

Steered by a funky drum beat, ‘Options’ sings about the feeling of being treated as an ‘option’ when dating someone, only for you to take the reins of the situation and give them a taste of their own medicine. Combining this with ‘Muscle Memory,’ it feels as though K1 is set to be a nostalgic feel-good record with a lot of soul beats entwined in the tracks.

Speaking about the exciting new track, Kamille says in a press release:  “You know that moment when the person you’re dating becomes complacent, plays games and forgets that in an instant you could find a replacement for them…Options is a big reminder to the lover in your life that you should always be a priority!”

If you’re new to Kamille, the chances are you’re probably not. Aside from her own music, Kamille is a multi-award-winning songwriter and producer, working the magic behind the scenes of songs from Little Mix, Dua Lipa, FLO, and more. But let us put you on track with some of her own elite bangers that deserve a place on your playlist before K1 drops.

‘Mirror Mirror’

Back in 2021, Kamille dropped this iconic self-love anthem that still gets added to our heavy rotations to this day. Making us feel like the baddest of them all, Kamille intended to hype people up on their down days to help them push past their self-doubt and truly feel themselves. The music video is also everything and features cameos from none other than Jade Thirlwall and MNEK.

‘Muscle Memory’ ft Nile Rodgers

Enlisting the help of Chic’s Nile Rodgers, Kamille finally dropped this funk-infused hit earlier this year after teasing it a fair bit on her TikTok for a few months. Full of 80s vibes, ‘Muscle Memory’ is about reminiscing on lost love and wishing for their return, all while dancing in the club. The song serves as the first single from K1 and “was the first idea I wrote and produced from my upcoming body of work. It definitely steered the path for where I headed musically,” she explained in a press release. If this is anything to go by, we just know this album is going to be a smash!

‘AYO!’ ft Simba

Kamille joined forces with fellow UK artist S1mba and kickstarted 2021 with the feel-good anthem that is ‘AYO!’ The slick R&B bop was one that came quite quickly to the pair when they were in the studio, with the whole song only taking about an hour! ” It’s got such a fun infectious, and energetic kinda vibe and S1mba just took it to another level as always,” Kamille shared in a press release.

‘Love + Attention’

‘Love + Attention’ is exactly what we give this song, and all of Kamille’s discography is deserving of it. This booty shaker of a libidinous beat is a call out to someone who you’re craving and is the perfect soundtrack to any thirst trap and truly has us feeling ourselves. Honestly, she truly makes music for your inner baddie, and we are living for it because our confidence improves dramatically when listening to songs like this!

‘Body’ ft Avelino

Taking a different direction from the other songs is the breathtaking ‘Body’ featuring Avelino, with harmonizing vocals being the main instrument for the track. This song serves as a huge middle finger to superficial people and features close-ups of diverse bodies that don’t fit into the unrealistic expectations forced onto people from the likes of Hollywood, still showing how all bodies are beautiful bodies. The vocal work and music video are both works of perfection going hand in hand to tell an empowering story that more people need to hear, and we are honestly obsessed.

‘Weight Loss’

Last year, Kamille dropped this fresh breakup bop that celebrates the end of a relationship and cutting ties with your toxic ex and comparing it to weight loss, shedding what has been weighing her down and feeling so much better.

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Speaking to us last year, Kamille shared: “I had the ‘weight loss’ title for ages, I had a list of song titles that I would play around with sometimes in the studio. That one was one that I hadn’t quite connected yet and when I was in the studio, it just felt like it came to me that day as something I needed to write about and I suddenly remembered that feeling when I had lost toxic weight from my life. And I said, “yes, this is what I need to write about.” So it kind of chose me that day, the title.”

This is just a small selection of Kamille’s five-year discography to get you started, and we’re willing to bet you fall down a rabbit hole binging her music before K1 drops!

‘Options’ is out now. K1 releases September 9th.

Are you hyped for K1? What’s your favorite Kamille song to date? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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