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Exclusive Interview: Amy Shark Talks ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ And More!

Exclusive Interview: Amy Shark Talks ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ And More!

If you’re looking for a catchy, upbeat track to add to your summer playlists, look no further than ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ by Amy Shark! It’s indie-pop, it’s catchy, and it’s going to be stuck in your head the way it’s been stuck in ours, guaranteed. We love Amy’s vocals and the overall production of the song and you have to check out the music video too! We included it for you a little later on, don’t worry 🙂

Amy Shark is a favorite of ours around here and while we’ve chatted with her once before, we got the chance to chat with Amy again about ‘Can I Shower At Yours!’ That’s not all she talks about so dive in and check out what she had to say. Oh, and don’t forget to stream ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ while you’re at it.

Can I Shower At Yours by Amy Shark cover art
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Can you tell us a little about yourself? When did you decide you wanted to pursue music? What musical influences and genres have shaped your artistic style? 
My name is Amy Shark. Jaws is my favourite movie, I also like Star Wars. The first time I heard the band Silverchair I became obsessed with songwriting and attempting to tell stories in a more poetic and twisted way. Love 90’s grunge but am also obsessed with expensive pop. 

You just released your newest single ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ and it’s definitely a bop! Where did you gain inspiration from this song? 
The demo of the song was very different, but still about the early stages of dating someone. The only problem was I felt like it dragged, and I also wanted a song that didn’t talk about playing games or being guarded or independent. I wanted to completely surrender to this person in the lyrics. I was a little worried it would make me sound pathetic but the more I wrote the sexier it sounded, and it just felt right. 

Could you share about the meaning behind the lyrics of the song?
The cool thing about this song is everything is so upfront, usually there’s some weird cryptic messaging buried inside my songs, but not this time. This one is pure honesty – shit we’re all thinking when we are crushing on someone but too scared to say it out loud for fear of raising a red flag. I think there’s a real attractiveness to being so upfront and honest about your feelings towards someone. 

How do you balance your personal experiences and emotions with creating music that resonates with a wide audience?
It used to really confuse me and mess me up a little because I spent so long writing songs in isolation without having anyone really listening or caring about what I was doing. So, when it all started happening and I eventually started seeing some success, I was still unloading in all my songs but was forced to talk about it all in interviews, which I wasn’t used to. But over the last 5-6 years I have found a comfortable balance of going deep in songs and being able to navigate interviews around what I am comfortable talking about.

How would you say “Can I Shower At Yours” differs from your previous releases? This one is all killer no filler, we don’t waste any time on this one. I wanted a hook at the start, a hook in the middle and I wanted to finish this beast with another hook at the end. It’s also very fun and up-tempo. Most of my songs stem from the sad girl tree but I wanted to break away from that for a hot minute

The video for ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ looked so fun! Can you give us a look into the creative direction? What was your favorite scene to shoot?
I’m still in shock that we shot this video on a phone! Google Pixel approached me with an idea which scared me at first and I wasn’t sure I was going to do it, but the more I thought about it the more exciting it sounded. We all digest music and video and news and everything on phones, so why not shoot it on one? I came up with the ‘dance instructor’ concept and then it was an epic joint effort between myself and my team to get it looking as rad as it does now. I’m no dancer but I honestly had so much fun trying. Luckily, I had some pros behind me making me look good. 

Once we get to the end of ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ we find ourselves pressing repeat again. Lengthwise, the song is on the shorter side. How did you know when you were done with the song, and it was ready to polish and perfect rather than create.
I was fine with the length because I wasn’t looking at the time while I was writing it, and then when Dann Hume and I were structuring it and building it out it just didn’t feel as short as it was. It didn’t feel like anything was missing. It’s crazy but I feel like we packed a whole ‘sexy story’ into 1 minute 54. and I’m ok with that lol.

We’re big fans of your collab with R3HAB on ‘Sway My Way,’ did you enjoy the collaboration process,and is there anything you learned that’s stuck with you?
It taught me to take risks and to start saying ‘yes’ a little more. I was a huge fan of that song and of Bic Runga, so as random as it was for me to do a ‘dance’ track with a DJ, the song did really well and it’s so fun playing it live! I naturally had to ask Bic’s permission (even though she had already signed off on me doing it). I needed her to know how much of a fan I was of hers and of her songwriting. Once I had her tick of approval I was stoked! Also, I had never heard of R3HAB before, but he really made that song slap! Was so glad he asked me to be a part of it. 

You were recently on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia. Congrats! How did it feel to receive such recognition and exposure in the industry?
I think it would be weird for an artist to not have the dream to one day be on the cover of Rolling Stone! It was a huge goal for me, and the team had me involved early on in the creative process, which was nice. The idea of me sitting there with no top on was scary, I have never really seen myself as ‘sexy’ you know. but on that day of the shoot, I have never felt more confident! Was such a rush and I am so proud of that cover. 

You’ve joined the judging lineup of Australian Idol and have had a part in helping many aspiring artists in their career. How has that experience influenced your own musical career?
Doing television was a whole new experience for me! A lot of cameras, a lot of glam, and I’m not one to wear heaps of makeup or wear high end fashion but I honestly really enjoyed it. Was hard saying ‘it’s a no from me’ to contestants who had that same desperate look in their eye that I remember having not that long ago. But that’s part of the journey unfortunately. We also found some incredible talent which was fun and exciting. Working with Harry Connick Jr and Meghan Trainor was incredible, Meghan and I became fast friends and Kyle Sandilands had us all laughing 24/7. It’s not something I thought I would ever entertain doing but I am so happy I did.

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If you could pick just one moment, what has been the most rewarding moment or achievement in your music career so far?
Being a solo female pop artist winning album of the year for my debut album ‘Love Monster’ will go down as one of my all-time greatest achievements! 

Your recent song was your first solo release of the year, what can fans look forward to for the rest of 2023?
They can get used to more solo releases cause they’re backed up to the moon baby! I’m so excited.


A huge thank you to Amy Shark for taking the time to chat with us! ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ is definitely a favorite release of ours and we’re so happy to share it with all of you wonderful readers. Let us know your thoughts about Amy Shark and ‘Can I Shower At Yours,’ or her other releases, in the comments below! Or you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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