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Meghan Trainor Moments That Definitely ‘Made You Look’

Meghan Trainor Moments That Definitely ‘Made You Look’

Our beloved feel-good pop queen Meghan Trainor was awarded the Rolling Stone Sound Of The Year Award at the Streamys thanks to her multi-platinum hit ‘Made You Look!’ This brand-new category celebrates music that played a prominent role on social media, specifically with content creation. To honor Meghan’s well-deserved success, we’ve got four unforgettable moments that definitely ‘Made You Look.’

‘Made You Look’

If you’re scrolling through your social feeds and this song hasn’t graced your ears, you may need to check your algorithm, because you’re missing out big time! ‘Made You Look’ is a catchy, feel-good anthem that has taken the world of short-form content by storm. It’s garnered over 50 billion views across different platforms. It’s also accompanied by a viral dance trend that even has Kevin Bacon and Penn Badgley involved. The presence of this song on social media is turning heads and showcasing how artists can leverage their songs to produce viral short-form content. Plus, it’s hard not to smile and dance along!

‘All About That Bass’

Speaking of feel-good music, let’s rewind to 2014 when Meghan released ‘All About That Bass.’ This track was a game changer and captured the world’s attention for all the right reasons, earning a diamond-certified status. It’s a celebration of individuality and diversity that will truly never get old. This track definitely made us look in 2014 and continues to make us look in 2023!

TikTok Presence

Not only is Meghan a GRAMMY award-winner with a string of chart-toppers and sold-out world tours under her belt, but she is also a brilliant creative on TikTok. Over on TikTok, you’ll find Meghan sharing sneak peeks of her new songs, heartwarming family moments with her two children and husband (where the Spy Kids jokes will never get old), and fun collaborations, often featuring fellow creators like Chris Olsen.


They finally got it at the end 🤣 @Chris Olsen #girldinner

♬ original sound – Meghan Trainor

Fashion Fix

Throughout Meghan’s career, she has fearlessly explored various aesthetics and rocked every single one. Whether she’s dazzling in vibrant blue sequins or sophisticated dresses, she never fails to make us look in such an inspiring way. The Barbiecore fashion featured in the ‘Made You Look’ Music video truly symbolizes the song’s fun, feel-good nature and makes us all want to grab our pink fits and feather boas to dance along!

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There are so many iconic moments Meghan Trainor has given us. What are some of your favorite moments that ‘Made You Look?’ Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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