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Celebrating Mother’s Day With Meghan Trainor And ‘Mother!’

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Meghan Trainor And ‘Mother!’

We seriously have no idea how Meghan Trainor does it. Not only is she a pop icon and a published author, but she’s a caring mom to two little boys – one born and one being born soon! So this Mother’s Day weekend, we wanted to give a special shoutout to Meghan and celebrate what a beautifully versatile artist and person she is. She constantly gives her full heart to her music and special projects, including her Dear Future Mama book, which aims to help first-time moms feel less alone in what they might be going through as they prepare to welcome their baby.

Even then, she’s giving back to us this Mother’s Day! She released three new remixes of her iconic track ‘Mother,’ collaborating with Ellis, secs on the beach, and j.bird to reimagine it and keep us on our toes. Meghan will also be celebrating Mother’s Day with a special Apple Music radio show called Who Runs the World… MOMS, airing on May 13th – tune into Apple Music Hits at 2pm Eastern to hear what songs she chooses! In the meantime, we’ll be giving you a little preview of what she says during her special and recommending a few of our favorite mom-approved bangers from her catalog.

‘Mother’ (j.bird Remix)

You may have seen the phrase “mother is mothering” on fandom Twitter to celebrate women who are killing the game, and Meghan is definitely one of the most worthy ladies. So that’s exactly why ‘Mother’ became such a smash online when it dropped! For this song rec, we’re keeping it in the family by featuring Justin Trainor’s remix of ‘Mother’ – he’s Meghan’s multi-talented brother who not only co-wrote ‘Mother,’ but also ‘Mom,’ a song we’ll be talking about later.

[‘Mother’] came about when we were panicking about how to follow ‘Made You Look.’ I had just gotten pregnant and nobody knew. At that time, I was also frustrated with the behind the scenes work of how ‘Made You Look’ came together… especially with the men mansplaining to me all the time… I knew I wanted something four-on-the-floor, upbeat with a little old school, and I never sampled anything before, but when I did, I knew it had to be ‘Mr. Sandman.’ I ran to the studio with my little brother who started making the beat while I started laying down the harmonies on the chorus, and we immediately knew we had something special.

Who Runs the World… MOMS with Meghan Trainor on Apple Music Hits

‘Made You Look’

She could have her Gucci on, or even some Louis Vuitton, but no matter what she wears, we’ll always be in awe of Meghan. ‘Made You Look’ is the ultimate confidence booster, so it definitely deserves a spot on your getting ready playlist, your mood boost playlist, your sunny day playlist, your… okay, you get the point. All your playlists, basically!

[‘Made You Look’] was the confidence anthem I wrote for myself after giving birth to sweet Riley. It was one of the last songs I wrote for the album because it took the longest for me to actually believe and feel. I wrote this song in the shower and it was inspired by my amazing husband telling me how beautiful I looked no matter what I was wearing. I thought, “You’re crazy.” And he’s like, “No, I mean it.” So I was like, “Well, I still make him look. Look at that.

Who Runs the World… MOMS with Meghan Trainor on Apple Music Hits


Come on, we couldn’t make this list without including the OG mom song! Meghan wrote ‘Mom’ for her own mother, Kelli, and included it on her 2017 Thank You album. To say it makes us emotional would be the understatement of a century. ‘Mom’ is just one of the cutest songs of all time and we’re sure it means more to Meghan than ever now that she has her own adorable children.

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This is the song that I wrote for her. She’s truly the best mom in the world and the most selfless person I know. And when you get to the bridge, you’re going to hear a phone call, and that’s me calling her. And she’s so cute. Fun fact, I actually wrote this with my younger brother and my older brother, and my younger brother was a producer on it. How cute. Her kids are so cute.

Who Runs the World… MOMS with Meghan Trainor on Apple Music Hits

Which of these Meghan Trainor songs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Meghan content, because we could all use some more Meghan in our lives, click here


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