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Imagining Our Dream Silk Sonic GRAMMY Awards Performance

Imagining Our Dream Silk Sonic GRAMMY Awards Performance

“What you doing? Where you at?” If you’re anything like us at THP, you’re sitting around thinking about one of the biggest nights in music: the GRAMMY Awards! We’ve been counting down the days until April 3rd, and we know the night will be full of performances we’ll never forget. And we’re already hyped for this year’s openers: Silk Sonic, the incredible retro-influenced pairing of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak!

With such huge hits on their debut album as a duo, An Evening Out With Silk Sonic, there are so many directions they can take their performance. We could only imagine how overwhelming it is to choose! But we have some ideas on how Anderson and Bruno can make this a show everyone will be talking about 👀

So picture it with us: a voice booms over the speakers, “Welcome to the 64th annual GRAMMY Awards.” The lights of the MGM Grand Garden Arena dim as the stage lights go on and reveal a house set. There are two side walls with windows, a comfy, 70s-esque couch, and a big set of doors on the back wall. There’s a drum set in the corner and a band with heart-shaped guitars, but where are Silk Sonic themselves…?

‘Smoking Out The Window’

We see a shadow by one of the windows on the side wall and with the backlighting, it’s not apparent who it is until we hear Anderson crooning, “Smoking out the window…” The beat kicks in and Bruno jumps out from behind the couch to sing his iconic verse name-dropping everything from Tiffany & Co. to the UFC and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. We get through the chorus and the instrumental starts to switch up. Horns start to come in…

‘Love’s Train’

Bruno and Anderson take it back for a little while with ‘Love’s Train,’ their Valentine’s Day gift to fans that was a cover of Con Funk Shun’s 80s track of the same name (as well as inspiring the heart-shaped guitar choices in our performance fantasy land). As the band plays the alluring intro, Anderson exclaims, “Hello everyone, we are Silk Sonic!” We get to the end of the first refrain, when Bruno’s singing “I’ll be your righteous lover.” After the lyric, he starts ad-libbing with crazy high notes and the crowd goes wild. But wait… where’s Anderson?

‘Leave The Door Open’

After Bruno finishes his shining solo moment, he makes his way toward the back wall of the set. The band’s music crescendos before a sudden stop, when Bruno sings, “I’mma leave the door open…” He opens the big door on the back wall to reveal Anderson playing a custom drum set! Anderson doesn’t miss a beat and nails the delivery of the song’s first verse. They play the first verse into the chorus and the audience erupts with applause the moment the track is over. 

Yeah, we know they already performed ‘Leave The Door Open’ at last year’s GRAMMY ceremony, but we all love this song enough to hear it again. Right? It’s nominated for four awards this year anyway: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance, and Best R&B Song. 

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And that, honey bees, is how we at THP imagine Silk Sonic’s opening slot at the 2022 GRAMMY Awards! Leading up to the ceremony on April 3rd, we’ll be listening to An Evening With Silk Sonic on repeat and shopping their new limited-edition vinyl pressing of the album, which is available with different designs on their website and at Target and Walmart

What songs do you hope Silk Sonic play at the GRAMMYs? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more smooth Silk Sonic content, click here.


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