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Meghan Trainor Makes It Look Easy To Make A Pop Banger With ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy’

Meghan Trainor Makes It Look Easy To Make A Pop Banger With ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy’

Between being an incredible singer-songwriter and being the sweetest mom to her son, Riley, is there anything Meghan Trainor can’t do? We know she can’t make a bad song, but anything else? Don’t think so. She gave us more proof that she makes nothing but jams with ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy,’ returning to the retro-pop sound she stole our hearts with on Title while admitting to “foolin’” those around her who think she’s easily balancing motherhood and work.

When I started recording the album I was learning how to be a working mom. I very literally had my hands full with formula and toys, while also being in the studio writing and recording. I realized from the outside looking in I made this all look easy. Similar to how we only post the good moments on our social media, I thought, “Isn’t it silly that moms are supposed to have it all together?” My intention with this song is to let everyone out there know that even though they might be feeling overwhelmed, they’re doing a great job.

Meghan Trainor

What we love about ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy’ is that there’s such an interesting duality to the lyrics. It starts off so confident and bubbly before seeing Meghan open up about her vulnerabilities and insist, “I’m fooling you.” If you need a mood boost, “don’t I make look easy, baby?” is the perfect line to sing along to, and if you’re feeling alone in feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in your life, you’ve got lines like “you don’t know I’m up all night worrying.”

No matter how you’re feeling, there’s something we can all agree on: the fact that Meghan’s upcoming Takin’ It Back album is definitely gonna be all over our playlists! She’s staying true to her promise that the record will sound like a grown-up version of Title, and we can totally see that shine on ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy’ and the previous single, ‘Bad For Me.’ We’re getting the same playful Meghan we love with an elevated self-awareness and deeper emotions than ever!

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What do you think of ‘Don’t I Make It Look Easy?’ Have you pre-ordered Takin’ It Back yet? If not, make sure you do that here then tell us your favorite M-Train song on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Meghan content while we wait for Takin’ It Back to drop on October 21st, click here.


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