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FLO Shines In Essence Magazine’s Girls United!

FLO Shines In Essence Magazine’s Girls United!

FLO has gone above and beyond in expressing their message of empowerment and self-confidence. Thanks to their interview with Essence’s Girls United, we got to know a little bit more about them: from how much work they put into their craft to their rise in social media. Let’s gather along together and share our favorite things from this interview!

Image Source: Munachi Osegbu for Essence’s Girls United

Their Social Media Popularity

If you have been on Twitter this year, you probably have seen FLO on your timeline. ‘Cardboard Box‘ went viral on social media this past summer, and it’s still a fan favorite. Not only did stans fall in love with the girls’ amazing style, but they also tuned in for their full discography. They’re eager to see what they release next!

None of us used Twitter before that, so it was this new app for us—but everyone loves us on it.”

Renée (FLO), Essence’s Girls United

‘Cardboard Box’ has also introduced the girl group to their growing American fanbase. With FLO‘s everlasting love for R&B, we believe they’re on the right track to becoming the next global superstars!

Image Source: Munachi Osegbu for Essence’s Girls United

Their Passion For Music

We love to support talented artists that love to pour themselves into every single piece of their creative process, and FLO is one of them. These girls give their everything from the first rehearsal until the release date. They truly inspire us with their confidence and their love for each other, and their music.

To drop a song in 2022—and we’ve been working on all of that stuff for the past three years—this can’t go wrong. This will go right.”

Stella (FLO), Essence’s Girls United

Image Source: Munachi Osegbu for Essence’s Girls United

The girls have recently ended their press tour across New York, which included visits to various radio stations and their first-ever performance on TV!

In addition to FLO’s cover with Essence’s Girls United, they have also recently released a remix for ‘Cardboard Box,’ and it has already gathered over one million videos on TikTok. It’s safe to say that it’s a hit!

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The Cardboard Box remix love hasn’t gone unnoticed! Thank you to @Happi. for creating such a joyful sound and @jah.cuzzy for the viral choreo! The official remix is OUT NOW! ❤️😎

♬ Cardboard Box – Happi Remix – FLO

What did you think of FLO’s interview with Essence’s Girls United? Are you listening to them on repeat like we are? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! And to read more of our coverage on our favorite girl groups, click here!


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