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We Will Listen To FLO Like It’s Our Job!

We Will Listen To FLO Like It’s Our Job!

Our favorite new girl group is back with an amazing new single! We’re obsessed with FLO’s ‘Not My Job,’ it has been on our heavy rotation for sure! FLO will sound good on every track! We’re going to tell you why you should recommend this hit to everyone you know. FLO and ‘Not My Job’ deserve a spot in your R&B playlists!

Image Source: Jack Alexander

Renée, Stella, and Jorja have always kept it real, and ‘Not My Job’ is the perfect definition of a FLO bop. We get instant chills just by pressing play and listening to the girls’ harmonies and the incredible beat that makes us feel in control! We don’t need to give additional explanations to anyone, and FLO underlines that from top to bottom. It’s not your responsibility if someone can’t be mature!

Our favorite part of this track has to be the slower pace throughout the bridge. It truly ties everything together, and the lyrics? “Call yourself a king when it comes to relationships, say you want forever? Well, get your act together?” An absolute 10/10!

Everyone solves issues other people have created, whether it’s in a romantic relationship, family drama or at work, and sometimes you just gotta say, ‘It’s really not my job.’

FLO about ‘Not My Job’

Image Source: Jack Alexander

Not only we’ve been blessed with another incredible FLO track, but we also got some special content from Apple Music! The girl group has become the newest Global Up Next Artist, premiering a special documentary to show us the girls’ personalities and their bond on a deeper level. It’s such a nice piece to get to know their passion for music (as they have grown around music and singing their entire life) and their chemistry as a group!

FLO will be performing on the sold-out Mahalia Presents show at the Moth Club in London on October 18th! We can’t wait to enjoy ‘Not My Job’ live!

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