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Exclusive Interview: RYANN Talks New EP Trick Candle, Songwriting, And More!

Exclusive Interview: RYANN Talks New EP Trick Candle, Songwriting, And More!

Honey Poppers, what’s good? Yes, exactly. We are here today to bring you another one of our fascinating interviews! This time with the up-and-coming, RYANN. Trust us, you know her even though you might not think so immediately! Our new girl is known for being a brilliant songwriter. She has credits on, for example, Tate McRae’s ‘you broke me first,’ Noah Cyrus’ and PJ Harding’s ‘The Worst of You.’ Now, you know how talented RYANN is, right?

The singer released her first EP, Emotions on Rollerskates, last fall, and she is imminently gifting us her new banger EP, Trick Candle, and honey, we mean imminently – September 23rd to be exact! Oh, and maybe there’s even a music video coming on September 23rd at 9pm PST?! Do not miss out on this one! Her music is well worth it, and we are obsessed! Luckily we got to chat to RYANN about her upcoming music, songwriting, and so much more! Keep scrolling to find out more in our interview with RYANN!

Hey RYANN! It is our pleasure to get to chat with you today about your upcoming EP, Trick Candle! To start us off, tell us one random fact about you that you think is cool, but you haven’t told anyone!
Thank you for chatting with me. 🙂 I’d say a fun fact about me is that when I was in middle school, I loved to play the Ouija Board and had a crush on a ghost in my house named Benjamin. I’m sure I’ve told somebody that before, and I’m not sure how cool I would say it is, but it’s what came to mind. 

Now, we always love discovering new talents here at THP, and your upcoming EP is just right up our alley. What did it feel like writing this EP compared to your debut EP, Emotions on Rollerskates?
Emotions on Rollerskates is made up of the first songs that inspired me to start releasing music. Writing them felt like I was staring at a blank canvas, with every color of paint I could possibly imagine at my disposal, and I spent a good amount of time searching for the colors that looked like me. So, when I began writing the songs for Trick Candle, I had a much better understanding of the world I was trying to build, making the writing process a little bit more effortless.

You have so many big songs already attached to your name. What does it feel like to write for other artists? How much of yourself do you put into these songs?
I’m always looking for inspiration from my own personal experiences. When writing for another artist, I’m usually just channeling the emotion of my experience to help them tell their story. When I’m writing for myself, I’m basically just writing a journal entry.

Having had the chance to work with names like Noah Cyrus or Tate McRae, who is next up on your wishlist to write for?
There are so many people I’d love to write to for this is so hard to answer!! I think the person that sits at the very top of my wish list would have to be Harry Styles (how could it not be).

Have you ever written a song with someone else singing it in mind and then taken it for yourself? And has this happened the other way around? 
I feel like the headspace I’m in when writing for other artists vs. writing for myself is so different that I’ve honestly never really had that experience!

We here at THP know writer’s block too well. Any tips to fight this beast? What do you do when the words are just not coming to you? 
Writer’s block is one of the most frustrating head spaces to be in, and unfortunately, it happens to everyone. I try to see it as my creative well’s way of telling me it’s running on empty and that I need to live my life a little bit. That could mean something as simple as going for a walk, seeing a friend, or reading a book. Different things work for different people, but that’s what usually works for me. 🙂

We have had the chance to already listen to Trick Candle, and let us tell you, we love what you are offering us! If you could pick one lyric to represent the entire EP which would it be?
I think the lyric would be, “I’m feeling sentimental for things I never had” from ‘Nineties.’ All of the songs, in their own way, are about losing myself in the idea of a relationship rather than seeing it for what it is. The EP as a whole zooms out of each experience to come to the same realization that I’ve still never had the love story I’m looking for. 

Trick Candle’ is our favorite song from the EP, but we love the others just as much. What’s a fun behind-the-scenes story while you wrote this song? What’s your ‘Trick Candle?’
While John Debold, Andy Seltzer, and I were writing the song, we kept coming back to the line, “I should have gotten ahead of it, all the times you didn’t follow through, and hid away in Connecticut.” We attempted to change it a couple of times, but I ended up keeping it because I knew it would inform the person I wrote it about that it was, in fact, about them. That’s something I’m guilty of doing in almost all of my songs. 

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Your genre of music is called “hazy pop,” which is now our favorite thing in the world. What other genres would you like to try?
I’m not entirely sure what other genres I’d like to try. I’m experimenting a little bit right now with some new music, so we’ll see where it goes! 

Last but not least, you got to open for Sawyer in Los Angeles. What did that feel like, and where can we see RYANN live next?
I’m such a huge fan of Sawyer and had the best time watching their set. I’d been waiting for the opportunity to sing ‘Andrew’ at The Echo, since the venue has a shoutout in the song. I’ll be doing more shows around LA and NY, so stay tuned!

Love our interview with RYANN? Us too! We are staying tuned to hopefully see RYANN live ourselves soon, and we are so ready for the Trick Candle release! How excited are you about the upcoming EP? Maybe by the time you’re reading this, you’ve already heard it! We’re sure you’re obsessed! What’s your favorite RYANN song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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