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The Lyrics That Broke Us In Jeff Satur’s New Release ‘Fade’

The Lyrics That Broke Us In Jeff Satur’s New Release ‘Fade’

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Ready to get lovesick again with Jeff Satur? He just released a new single, ‘ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง (Fade)’ in a dual-version on September 23. But The Honey POP team was lucky enough to score an early listen from his label, so you bet both the Thai and English versions have been playing on repeat in our earphones for the past week. 👀 And now that we are finally able to talk about it with you, we wanted to share some of our favorite lines from both versions!


Let’s start with the Thai title of the new release, which translates to “forget how to forget.” Things inevitably slip our minds every now and then, but when we really want to forget… our brain just forgets how to forget. Especially when we are trying to forget someone who keeps lingering in our minds. Melancholic as expected from yet another hopeless romantic love song by Jeff Satur. Stream it here!

All The Tears…

Can someone pass us some tissues, please? If the catchy melody wasn’t enough to get you in your feels, paying attention to the English lyrics might just do it. But beware, it’s literally filled with tears. In the first verse, Jeff sings, “Don’t even know my own lies / Said I’m okay / But still I cry,” which makes the whole song pretty relatable from the beginning. Even if we are not going through a heartbreak at the moment, we all know exactly what it’s like to be in that refusal mood when trying to hide our emotion even from ourselves. More lyrics on that denial phase that caught our attention:

“I see rain / But maybe they’re all tears for you”
“Not crying but my eyes / Both have not been dry”

All The Longing…

The song is clearly about not being able to let go. This gives us the unmistakable hint that the protagonist is still full of longing. When our minds (and hearts) are that full, time slows down. As mentioned at the beginning of the second verse: “Forever feels like this / Like a broken watch I can’t fix.” Or the chorus: “My heart is a little slow / Ur unforgettable.” We find these simple analogies very fitting with the medium-slow tempo of the song. More about that longing:

“So tonight | I might / Just dream of you / Every song I hear / Gives me the blues” 

The Last Memory

The first verse in the Thai version gives us a little more insight into the lead’s separation. From our limited understanding of Thai (we learned from dramas, sorry🫣), the line “กลิ่นกาแฟในตอนสาย ภาพสุดท้ายที่เธอเดินจากไป” talks about the moment when the SO walked away, accompanied by the aroma of coffee at the end of the day. Now look, Jeff…we love coffee and refuse to let it live as a sad memory in anyone’s head. So if you want to, we are always up for a fresh cup filled with smiles.💁‍♀️

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To come to a full circle moment, we are closing this article with the English title. Stream it right here! It’s easy to forget about things that are not right in front of you. But what can you do when even if you can’t see someone anymore, their clear image is still constantly on your mind? “Can you please just fade away away? / So this pain can stay away always?” Well, hope that the memories will ‘Fade’ away soon…

Wait, did we just go through the complete lyrics? Almost… And if that made you cry, don’t blame us, it’s all on Jeff Satur! That said, we’d love to hear your thoughts on his new release too, so make sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.


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