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5 Jeff Satur Songs Your Playlist Needs This Fall

5 Jeff Satur Songs Your Playlist Needs This Fall

It might need his complete discography, to be fair. And that’s it, article over. But jokes aside—it’s not actually a joke👀— here are five of our favorite songs from Jeff Satur that might be less known to newer fans but would make a great fit into your fall playlist. Whether you already have breezy, rainy days or still enjoying the warm sunny weather.

Many people got to know Jeff after his role in the hit BL drama, KinnPorsche The Series that aired earlier this year. Playing Kim Theerapanyakul, the youngest son of the mafia head in the Thai show didn’t only gain him recognition as an actor. He also conquered the hearts of new fans worldwide as a singer by writing, producing, and lending his voice for one of the show’s OSTs, ‘Why Don’t You Stay.’ For those who just recently discovered Jeff, it might come as a surprise, but his career as a musician goes way back to 2013. And he’s been releasing several original songs, soundtracks, and covers ever since, with a charming, consistent signature sound.

That said, newer fans might not be familiar with some of his best tracks just yet. But we are here to change that because every single Jeff Satur song deserves praise and recognition. Also, generally speaking, his music has a hopeless romantic vibe, so why not spend this fall falling in love even deeper with him?🥰

‘Highway’ — 2021

‘Highway’ was co-written by Jeff himself as his first track under his current label, Wayfer Records (distributed by Warner Music Thailand), and was produced by BenLUSS, who also worked with other well-known Thai artists such as F.HERO, PP Krit, or 4EVE. With a bit of pop-rock sound and more tempo than his previous releases, ‘Highway’ brought a new yet still familiar and very Satur-style into his music. The lyrics themselves describe a mix of emotions about sharing good memories and ending a relationship. While the music video is more about showing courage to be yourself passionately without caring about others’ perceptions of you. One thing is for sure, you’ll be grooving and bopping your head the whole time.

‘Comedy’ — 2019

Fall or not, as one of our favorite OSTs from Jeff, this song will always have a place both in our hearts and on our playlists. He not only produced, wrote, and mastered the track, but the artwork was also created by Jeff Satur. ‘Comedy’ is an original soundtrack for his debut drama He She It. It’s a mini-series with some supernatural and horror spin on a complicated relationship between teenage boys. (By mini, we mean you can binge it in about 45 minutes.) ‘Comedy’ has an enchanting and intriguing melody that’s combined with Jeff’s effortlessly delivered husky honey vocals. It’s captivating and most likely will leave you with chills. It’s quite different from his usual vocal play and will definitely leave you with a strong impression.

‘จริงเกิน (SURREAL)’ — 2021

Although it’s also from 2021, like ‘Highway,’ this track is from his original lo-fi basket. He’s once again responsible for both writing and melody. The way he works with melody is so moody. It speaks a lot in itself, even without any lyrics, and we believe it has a huge international potential. 

‘จริงเกิน (SURREAL)’ is the perfect song for a rainy afternoon, looking out a car or coffeeshop window and pretending to be in an MV. Don’t even try to deny it. We all do it. 

‘Goodbye is not goodbye’ — 2021

The original Thai version of the song is a soundtrack for Ingredients, another mini-series where Jeff plays the lead role. Even without understanding the language—or watching the scenes where it plays—you would still understand the emotions that the lyrics emphasize. That’s how talented Jeff is in music arrangement and melody. ‘Goodbye is not goodbye’ is a bit heartbreaking but filled with hope. And Jeff’s soothing voice will help you wipe away those tears. (If not, here’s a virtual hug from The Honey POP team: 🤗)

See Also

‘โลกแตก’ — 2013

Okay, this list is starting to feel like we were stuck in 2021, so let’s jump back in time to the beginning. ‘โลกแตก’ (Loktaek) is Jeff’s debut song from 2013, but nine years later, it’s still as charming as ever. The title’s literal translation is “broken world,” which the music video’s concept also follows. The world is ending, but there’s an adorable twist that even some TV shows only wish to have. But we don’t want to spoil the whole story, so just go and watch it for yourself. Having a greatly calculated storyline for his music videos has stayed consistent in his career ever since Jeff Satur is a true storyteller.

This is a fair variety to start, but we suggest diving deeper into both his earlier and more recent tracks. They will put you into your feels for this upcoming fall season. ‘เวลานี้ (Moment),’ another original soundtrack for Ingredients, literally includes the lyrics “oh suddenly the rainy day is warmer than the summer.” That mentioned warmness is what you can generally expect from Jeff Satur’s angelic voice and soulful melodies. If you can’t find his earlier tracks on your favorite streaming platform, try looking up Jeff Demo Project, Jeff The Demo, Jeff Garden Music, and JEFF. These are all names he promoted under before officially picking up the name Jeff Satur.

We at The Honey POP can’t wait to catch him live soon, along with his cast members on the KinnPorsche The Series World Tour, and see what else his storytelling will bring us in all his upcoming future works. But what about you? Be sure to tell us which song made you fall in love with Jeff Satur’s voice by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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