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Kamille Dazzles With Her Debut Mini Album K1

Kamille Dazzles With Her Debut Mini Album K1

At long last, the day we’ve been waiting for has arrived: Kamille has dropped K1! The GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter responsible for many hits by your faves and ours has stepped into the spotlight with her own music and has been dropping banger after banger for a while, with 2023 being the year she really shines with her consistent drops. She seems happier than ever as a now-independent artist.

Kamille is at the forefront of the new UK R&B wave and is delivering a skip-free discography. This album is a self-produced project by Kamille as she continues on her grind, balancing her hustle as an award-winning singer-songwriter for both herself and big names and motherhood. Our queen really proves that your dreams are 100% possible, even if you have to step up and take the DIY approach. We can’t help but stan!

Kamille Dazzles With Her Debut Mini Album K1 The Honey POP
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Speaking about the album in a press release, Kamille shares: ” “K1′ is an exploration into myself. Myself as an artist, myself as a producer, and myself as a songwriter”. This first chapter is one of happiness, independence and empowerment and I’m so proud of K1 for all that it is, the start of me finding me“. We’re absolutely here for it!

We’re here to give you a track-by-track breakdown of K1 and delving into the incredible artistry of Kamille as she embarks on her new chapter.

‘Muscle Memory (Ft Nile Rodgers)’

The album opens up with a funky beat from the previously released ‘Muscle Memory’ featuring Nile Rodgers. The disco-esque number that was self-written and produced by Kamille on her own has already received a ton of support, including a feature on BBC Radio 1’s A-List Playlist. Written from the point of view of missing someone on a lonesome Friday night, this nostalgic number is sure to get your hips swaying and in the mood to bust a move or two. And tbh, we can see it working as a big choreographed dance number in a movie. It would absolutely go off, too.

‘Options (ft Tamera & Bellah)’

We then go into the second song that we at THP featured on our Summer Soundtrack playlist, ‘Options’ featuring Tamera and Bellah. This track is a glittery R&B pop number that’s an absolute girl power anthem. Following on from that reminiscent disco sound, the song sings about taking charge when someone treats you as an ‘option’ when it comes to dating, only to pull the Uno reverse card and let them get their just desserts. You can’t help but feel like a boss babe when listening to this one!

‘Don’t Waste My Time’

We now enter the rest of K1, which sees Kamille shine on her own. ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ is a sassy, bass and drum-heavy number with a captivating chorus warning to not bother her. The clapping beats make for another upbeat banger that’s sure to get you on the dance floor. ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ is an empowering bop that sees Kamille stand her ground and put her boundaries in place. It’s fierce, funky, and is one we know will be in heavy rotation for us.

‘The Sun’

‘The Sun’ slows things down on K1 as a glistening summery and chilled-out track, focusing on motherhood and that glow that expecting and new mothers tend to have. Lyrics like “you got me feeling like summer / and I can’t wait to be a mother / I can’t help but smile ’cause oh I love who I’ve become / now every day I shine like the sun” truly celebrate the beginnings of the incredible journey of becoming a mother and will resonate with new mothers everywhere (and will make for the perfect Insta caption, might we add!) This song reminds us of golden hour, and out of all the tracks on the album, this may be the one we want a music video for the most. A perfect tribute to Kamille’s new bundle of joy!

‘Time To Kill’

It’s time to delve back into the funky bops on K1 with ‘Time To Kill‘ which Kamille dropped back last month. The fun and bouncy pop song sings about spending time with your loved one and taking your time in being intimate, feeling like time has stood still. The synth-pop number feels like it fits perfectly on this cohesive sounding record sees Kamille going back to her roots of 80s-inspired disco and new and evolved R&B sound, paying tribute to the sounds of her upbringing full of Mowtown Classics and funk hits introduced by her parents. The rap verse, also written and performed by Kamille, is the cherry on top and showcases another of the award-winning artist’s multiple talents. Pure chef’s kiss!

‘Fancy Wine (Interlude)’

‘Fancy Wine’ is a sensual number that slows the pace down just a tad as it captures the feelings of wanting to be with that one special person on a lonely night and, well, cracking open the fancy wine. The synth and drum with a touch of glimmering percussion and a snapping beat create a concoction of a voluptuous track that would fit any romantic playlist. The only criticism? It’s the shortest track of K1, just shy of two minutes long. We love this song and we know it’s an interlude but we need more!

‘All My Love’

Continuing with the more relaxed tempo, ‘All My Love’ is a dazzling tribute to ‘the one’ with this soulful tribute infused with angelic harmonies. With lyrics such as “so I’mma put my phone on the side // I’mma look deep in your eyes // so get ready ’cause tonight I’m giving you all my love,” this feels like a perfect modern love song with an evocative melody, creating the perfect balance of nostalgic feel in modern music. It gives this warm, glowy feel and feels like a future Valentine’s Day playlist essential, as well as a strong contender for the soundtrack of a newlywed’s first dance.

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‘Manifesting Pt.1’

Kamille closes out K1 with ‘Manifesting Pt.1,’ the final track that sings of the artist chasing her dreams. Kamille has been on the grind for over a decade now and has taken the reigns of her career, becoming an independent artist and has been committed to putting in the extra work in order to make her dreams come true. Rapping over a drum-centric melody puts out to the world who she is and what she’s chasing. “B*tch I’m destined, manifesting all my blessings I’m gon’ get // I’mma speak it, I’mma be it I’mma claim it’s what I’m gon’ get” is repeated in a mantra-like form and are lyrics that can fit into anyone’s narrative and empower fellow dreamers to get out there and make things happen. We are obsessed and are looking forward to a future part two!

Overall, K1 is the perfect introduction to Kamille and really captures the direction she is taking her artistry. We will always have a special place in our hearts for her earlier music, but these eight songs really feel like the perfect fit for Kamille the solo artist. We have been thriving with everything she’s delivered in her self-produced independent era, and you can hear in her work that she seems to be truly in her element. K1 adds to Kamille’s skip-free discography, and we will be recommending this album to anyone willing to give us the time of day.

K1 is out now

Are you loving this debut release from Kamille? Which song from K1 are you claiming? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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