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5 ericdoa Song Recs Inspired By Things With Wings, Ahead Of His things with wings Album

5 ericdoa Song Recs Inspired By Things With Wings, Ahead Of His things with wings Album

Who’s one of the most exciting rising artists out there? ericdoa, of course! Merging hyperpop with elements of R&B and modern pop, eric is constantly challenging himself to give us something new and fresh, and the time has finally come for him to announce a new project: things with wings! He’s only 20 and has such an interesting vision and musical personality – we know there are plenty of bright things to come. 

So to celebrate the announcement of things with wings, let’s get in the spirit of eric’s music and dive into some of his best songs! And, of course, we’re giving it a sweet twist. We’ll be assigning each song rec to a thing with wings, ranging from insects to mythical creatures!

Butterfly: ‘fantasize’

Butterflies give us such fun spring-summer vibes, and so does the boppy ‘Fantasize!’ The song has such a cool throwback feel that never fails to boost our mood. This may be an oddly niche thing, but since the music video takes place in a hardware store, we could totally picture this blasting through a Home Depot when we’re there to get flowers that attract butterflies. Hey, we warned you it was oddly niche!

Bee: ‘fool4love’

‘fool4love’ mentions a hivemind mentality, so naturally, we at The Honey POP are kinda partial to this song. But we didn’t just pick this for the hive shoutout. Despite the song’s bittersweet lyrics, it has a pretty bouncy, fun sound – the contrast and back-and-forth remind us of the black and yellow stripes on a bee! 

Bird: ‘strangers’

Because of its airy vibe, we could imagine sitting outside on a nice day and listening to ‘strangers’ while birds float across the sky! It’s the perfect option for your spring rotation, so put together a playlist and invite some of your besties over for a picnic while blasting it from a Bluetooth speaker.

Airplane: ‘sad4whattt’

You know, in TV shows and movies where the main character is going on a trip somewhere exciting, and a fun song starts playing right as their plane touches down? That’s the vibe we get from ‘sad4whattt!’ It makes us want to call up our friends and head to Los Angeles or Miami together for a thrilling vacation week. Or maybe we’ll head to East Highland since it appeared on Euphoria

Pegasus: ‘heather’ With glaive

‘heather’ feels otherworldly with its 8-bit instrumental and the dynamic duo that is eric and glaive, so we think a pegasus is a great match for its energy. Maybe it’s just the former Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus stan in us jumping out, but we wanna ride around on those sky horses while playing ‘heather’ from a giant boombox so everyone below can hear and jam out.

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What are your favorite ericdoa songs? Did you like our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And of course, be sure to pre-save or pre-order things with wings right here before it comes out on May 20th. 

Want more music suggestions to liven up your playlist? We gotchu! But you better get on the ericdoa stan bus first…


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