Here’s Why We’re Excited For Dua Lipa’s New Platform Service 95

Here’s Why We’re Excited For Dua Lipa’s New Platform Service 95

Loves, rejoice! Dua Lipa has announced her brand new platform and newsletter Service 95. Dua, being the ultimate Leo/Virgo cusp that she is, prides herself on being the person all her friends and family come to for recommendations on everything from nail salons to literature to fashion. Now, we can all rely on Dua for that too! Service 95 will be made up of all sorts of things, from editorial pieces to letters, to quick lists, so we’ve rounded up the bits and pieces we’re most excited about!

The Newsletter

Service 95 will be “a global style, culture, and society concierge service,” designed to help all of us find 10/10 recommendations and broaden our horizons. The free weekly newsletter will contain curated lists, empowering articles, and highlighting hidden gems. Not only does Dua have immaculate taste, but years of touring mean that she’s very well-traveled too. So expect lots of recommendations for restaurants, galleries, and more, all over the globe. As Dua says, “The more we share with each other, the closer we become, the wider our circles grow.”

Dua’s Letter

Every week, the newsletter will be rounded up with a letter from the pop princess herself, from wherever she is in the world. Dua describes Service 95 as an invite to her inner circle. We can’t wait to read her thoughts on all that she decides to share with us through this platform.

Spotlighting Important Causes

Of course, Dua isn’t a celeb who is shy to use her status for good. Service 95 will also be used as a platform to shed light on important causes, give voices to activists, and educate us all on complex global issues and concerns. We all know that navigating topics online like this can be overwhelming, so we think that having it distilled in this way will be super useful and enlightening.

The At Your Service Podcast

Plus it doesn’t end there! Dua will also be giving us a podcast, At Your Service, that serves as a companion to Service 95, and will consist of Dua and a high-profile, often unexpected, guests for a thoughtful conversation that ties in with whatever the newsletter discusses that week. The tone of the podcast will vary from a probing conversation about global concerns to being part of a catch-up between old friends.

The first newsletter will come out in January 2022, so subscribe here! Dua has also said there’ll be special benefits for us fans who are first to sign up. Get on it quick!

What are you most hoping for from Dua Lipa with Service 95? Let us know over on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.



Featured Image Source: Lauren Leekley via Dua Lipa’s Instagram

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