Jasmine Thompson Tells Us About Her Music Journey in This Exclusive Interview

Jasmine Thompson Tells Us About Her Music Journey in This Exclusive Interview

Garnering billions of streams as 2021 comes to an end, Jasmine Thompson has shown musical and lyrical growth since her introduction to the internet 10 years ago with a cover of ‘The Lazy Song,’ on Youtube. More than three and a half million subscribers later, Jasmine is sitting on Top 40 radio charts and earning gold and platinum certifications while even collaborating with Calum Scott, talk about dreams come true!

Her latest single with Scott, ‘love is just a word,’ is a piano-heavy duet that beautifully showcases each of their vocals, giving perfect harmonies and emotion you can truly feel through the lyrics. So if you see us tearing up, mind your business.


Reflecting on the track, Jasmine tells how she came up with that opening line, “Love, there’s nothing more to say/ Every word’s already been written/ Every chord already played.”

“I went to Wales to work with the producer Jon Maguire, and I remember having the opening lyric in my head,” says Thompson. “We spent two days working together, and managed to make something we were both super proud of. A few months after the session, totally out of the blue, Jon messaged me with an updated version including Calum! It was so magical hearing his voice on it, and I felt so honoured that he wanted to be a part of the song – it immediately felt like the missing link.  We had such a laugh, I couldn’t keep a straight face while recording, Jon had to stick us in separate rooms but that voice… magical. The song was inspired by slow dancing around my kitchen during lockdown, and it felt like I was hearing these love songs from my childhood with fresh ears and I really wanted to capture how they made me feel.”

– Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson has been putting in work these last few months, with her recent EP drop getting us through breakups and the fall season! We got a chance to talk with Jasmine all about her latest projects in this THP exclusive interview!

Are you crying over ‘love is just a word?’ What’s your favorite Jasmine Thompson track? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us over @thehoneypop! You can also talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Ryan Hutchins

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