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The 10 Songs We’re Hoping j-hope Performs At Lollapalooza

The 10 Songs We’re Hoping j-hope Performs At Lollapalooza

Another day, another opportunity for BTS to break records! Rapper and dance leader j-hope has been announced as a headliner at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago, and we have gone into shock.

j-hope aka Hobi aka Jung Hoseok will be the first South Korean solo artist to perform at Lollapalooza, as well as the first South Korean headliner! Not only that, but he’s headlining on Sunday night, aka closing out the entire festival.

Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT Music

If you want to see j-hope at Lollapalooza on July 31st (who doesn’t?), tickets are available here!

We truly can’t wait to see how j-hope creates his solo stage, from the setlist to the set design! We’ll love it no matter what the setlist looks like, but we figured we’d give him a hand choosing the tracks, so here are ten of the songs we’re hoping he performs!

‘Hope World’

Ok, picture this: j-hope has his first solo festival stage in front of a hundred thousand fans, singing “Welcome to my hope world.” We literally can’t think of anything more iconic than that.

‘P.O.P. (Piece Of Peace) Pt. 1’

Sonically, ‘P.O.P.’ could not be more perfect for a festival; it’s the perfect mix of laidback and upbeat. Lyrically, of course, it’s a lot more complicated, but we love the idea of Hobi and ARMY vibing to this on a summer evening!

‘Daydream (백일몽)’

‘Daydream’ is a fan favorite from HW1, and for good reason. The song is a bop. Plus we can’t help but imagine the crowd’s reaction to the alarm clock sound effects! We still get confused every time they happen and we feel like we haven’t stopped listening to ‘Daydream’ since it dropped.

‘Base Line’

‘Base Line’ is a track that goes hard, and simply cannot believe we might soon witness the live version. We love the side of j-hope that this song represents, and we simply need to see the Lollapalooza crowd lose their minds to this one.

‘항상 (HANGSANG)’ Ft. Supreme Boi

ARMY, you already know which part of ‘항상’ we’re most excited for! Out of all the songs on Hope World, this is maybe the one we want to see live the most, and that’s truly saying something.

‘Airplane’ and maybe ‘Airplane Pt. 2?’

Not only are we manifesting a performance of ‘Airplane,’ we’re manifesting a performance where ‘Airplane’ transitions into BTS’ ‘Airplane Pt. 2’ at the point where j-hope repeats his verse. Look, we know we’re dreaming big but…

‘Blue Side’

Okay yeah, so maybe at this point we have just included every song on Hope World, but can you blame us? The full version of ‘Blue Side’ is especially sentimental for ARMY, as the song represents a huge development of j-hope’s relationship with the different versions of himself. Seeing Hobi perform this on his first solo festival stage would be such an emotional moment!

‘Just Dance’

Every ARMY knows that one of the most Hobi moments ever is his reaction to ARMY chanting his name during ‘Just Dance’ at Wembley Stadium. We love the raw moments when BTS get to see just how much we support them, and we love Hobi’s reaction even more. A packed-out Wembley Stadium clearly meant a lot to j-hope, so imagine the whole of Lollapalooza chanting his name…

‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Feat. Becky G

You didn’t think we’d forget this one, did you? One of our favorite collaborations ever, and one of the OG TikTok dances? We’re never letting this one go! ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ live would be legendary, especially if Becky G made a cameo on stage! Or if she’s busy, we’re sure Jin would reprise his iconic “Popping, popping, popping, woah!” from last year’s SOWOOZOO!

Hope World 2?

Ok, we know we’re probably just wearing our clown costumes right now but hear us out. As many savvy ARMYs have pointed out, Hope World has a run time of twenty-two minutes. j-hope’s Lollapalooza set is an hour long… you do the math.

What songs are you manifesting that j-hope performs at Lollapalooza? Are you headed to the festival? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram!

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