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Here’s Our Dream Setlist For TXT At Lollapalooza

Here’s Our Dream Setlist For TXT At Lollapalooza

MOA! We’re so excited about this news that we honestly don’t know how to contain ourselves! TXT are going to be performing at Lollapalooza!

TXT will be making their U.S festival debut at Lollapalooza, and what a massive stage to start on! K-Pop’s 4th Gen It Boys will be performing on Saturday 30th July, and we’re already overwhelmed.

Since their debut in 2019, TXT have released hit after hit, with not many opportunities to perform them live. That’s finally changing thanks to TXT’s world tour ACT: LOVE SICK, and now their performance at Lollapalooza! With a discography this elite, we don’t know how TXT can ever choose a setlist. So we came to their rescue, and created our own dream one!

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If you wanted to see our fave It Boys at Lollapalooza, tickets are available here!

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

Starting with an obvious choice, but they simply have to perform the title track from the newest album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. TXT broke their own Billboard personal best with this album so we know an American audience would, quite rightly, love a performance of ‘Good Boy Gone Bad!’


‘Frost’ is one of TXT’s most impressive stages. Ever. Everything from their vocal delivery to the choreography to the energy is unmatched. TXT lean into their characters so well in this performance, and we would love to see the crowd go absolutely nuts when the chorus hits.


THP MOAs are the number one champions of Blue Hour b-side ‘Ghosting,’ and that’s one thing that will never change! ‘Ghosting’ is still super upbeat and would keep the Lollapalooza crowd hyped, but is also a stand-out performance of TXT’s vocals, and shows a more chilled and laid-back side to the group.

‘Run Away’

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that a TXT performance of ‘Run Away’ would be iconic at Lollapalooza! Both TXT and MOA love this era, plus there’s loads of fun references in the lyrics that would appeal to a wider audience, and maybe even recruit some new MOA!

‘Cat & Dog’

Ok, stick with us on this. We know the fandom makes a fair few jokes about this one, but there’s no denying it hits. Plus, imagine how iconic it would be for TXT to get the whole Lollapalooza crowd barking.

‘0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ Feat. Seori

It’s a favorite of both TXT and MOA alike, so we know that a performance of this one would go down in history! The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE era was such a turning point and evolution in TXT’s career, so we’d love to see it celebrated at Lollapalooza!

‘No Rules’

Another day, another opportunity for us to cry over the ‘No Rules’ dance practice. Any MOA who read about TXT on THP know that we love the choreo for ‘No Rules,’ and the song itself is a bop, so we would love for it to have its moment at the festival.

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What better way to celebrate TXT’s debut U.S. festival than TXT’s debut song? ‘CROWN’ is still a bop, with some of TXT’s best choreo, plus we’re getting choked up about the difference between now and TXT’s debut showcases in the U.S three years ago. Talk about a full-circle moment!

Honestly, we want TXT to perform their entire discography, but maybe we’re asking for a little too much! Plus we have the ACT: LOVESICK World Tour to look forward to, so we’ll have to see what that setlist looks like too!

What songs are you hoping TXT perform at Lollapalooza? Are you going to the festival? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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