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Seven Performances That Make Us Miss TXT’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child Era

Seven Performances That Make Us Miss TXT’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child Era

We might be knee-deep in the Temptation era right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re moving on from TXT’s Thursday’s Child any time soon! From their first world tour ACT: LOVE SICK, to being the first K-Pop group to perform at Lollapalooza, the group showcased their talents across the globe.

The era saw TXT’s career skyrocket, with them setting new personal bests on the U.S. charts, although they smashed those records to pieces with The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION and ‘Sugar Rush Ride.’

Of course, this success was in part thanks to the 4th Gen It Boys performances. So, naturally, we’re still obsessing over these seven TXT videos from the minisode 2 era!

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ On The Kelly Clarkson Show

The mics are on ladies and gentlemen! For their daytime U.S. TV debut, TXT showcased ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ at its very best. We’re talking leather suits, gorgeous live vocals, and facial expressions that are like, 10% scarier than they need to be. What more could you ask for?

‘Opening Sequence’ On Music Bank

Many MOAs say that ‘Opening Sequence’ is TXT’s best album opener. But with tracks like ‘Ghosting’ and ‘Devil By The Window’ also in that category, it’s hard to say for sure. However, what we can say for definite is that this is one of TXT’s best choreos, and it’s truly one of a kind. 

2022 MAMAs

The end-of-year performances in 2022 really saw TXT show everyone what they’re made of. The performances might not have gone perfectly, but the group’s talent and professionalism still won over a lot of new fans. At the 2022 MAMAs, TXT not only gave us incredible versions of ‘Opening Sequence’ and ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ but they also gave us minisode 2 b-side ‘Lonely Boy’ and Yeonjun’s iconic rap verse. Plus a Yeonbin blindfolded sequence and a maknae line (sorry Beomgyu) dance break? They really do give us everything!


Not only were TXT the first K-Pop group to perform at Lollapalooza, but they were so good that they’ve been invited back in 2023. But this time, they’re headliners! If that doesn’t tell you how epic their performance was, we don’t know what will. In eight songs, including ’Good Boy Gone Bad’ and ‘Thursday’s Child,’ TXT were so good that we already wrote a whole article about why they were the perfect setlist choices. 

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ On Music Bank

We have nothing to say about this performance other than: surfer outfits. You’re welcome. 

2022 MMAs

Everyone bow down to Choi Beomgyu! No one has ever made flicking a lighter look so cool. MOA have, of course, since found out that Beomgyu was in fact meant to set fire to a rose in his mouth during the ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ dance break, but you’d never be able to tell that from the members on stage. Beomgyu’s quick thinking and the members’ professionalism don’t give anything away! Nonetheless, we’re still so happy he gets a chance to redo this moment every night on the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE tour. 

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‘Trust Fund Baby’ On M Countdown Comeback Show

We’ve shouted about the other four tracks on minisode 2, so it’s only fair that ‘Trust Fund Baby’ gets a chance to shine too. This performance, from their comeback show and the very beginning of the minisode 2 era gave us angelic vocals.

What was your fave moment from TXT’s Thursday’s Child era? Got a favorite performance? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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