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The Performances That Prove TXT’s Beomgyu Is One Of The Best Dancers In 4th Gen K-Pop

The Performances That Prove TXT’s Beomgyu Is One Of The Best Dancers In 4th Gen K-Pop

When you think of TXT, you might think of their international success, their iconic TikToks, or, well, their height. But we’re here to make sure that everybody knows they’re the 4th Gen It Boys and that TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a group comprised of five perfect all-rounders. With no official positions other than leader, they’re truly multi-faceted artists! Get you an idol who can do it all! Today, as part of our mission to prove this to you, we’re throwing the spotlight on Beomgyu. Beomgyu is one of the best dancers in 4th Gen K-Pop, and we’ve got the performance and fancams to prove it to you.


If we’d started this list any other way, you’d officially have the right to revoke our MOA cards. Beomgyu’s performance of ‘Frost’ at Lollapalooza went completely viral, and it deserved to. His ability to embody a concept knows no bounds, and with a song like ‘Frost,’ it’s fair to say we’re legit a bit scared of him.

‘New Rules’

Everyone knows that TXT are capable of being perfect pop princes, but we’re here to make sure you know just how good they are at hip-hop too. From their first comeback, ‘New Rules’ showcases exactly that. This performance is Beomgyu’s most watched fancam and we can definitely see why MOA are obsessed! The clean lines and intricate hand choreo prove exactly why he’s one of our fave 4th Gen dancers.


Not a day goes by when we don’t miss wolf cut Beomgyu! Not only that, but we miss the ‘LO$ER=LOVER’ era every day too. This title track gave TXT the opportunity to showcase their storytelling on stage, and with facial expressions like that, there are few artists who do it better than Beomgyu.

‘Poppin Star’

Justice for ‘Poppin’ Star!’ We’re never gonna shut up about how much we love this one, and we’re already manifesting it makes the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE setlist. And as far as this fancam goes, what could be a better example of Beomgyu’s performance skills than his ability to switch between being an idol and fighting with Soobin? Just your average day for TOMORROW X TOGETHER. 


‘Drama’ is already an incredibly underrated TXT b-side, and that’s before you take into consideration how incredible the choreography is (Yeonbin’s foot-hop-slide-thing, anyone?). From the floor work at the very start, we’re down bad. Beomgyu’s enthusiasm shines here, and it’s truly infectious.

‘Devil By The Window’

We’re once again losing our minds over Choi Beomgyu’s facial expressions. TXT’s fame has skyrocketed during The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION era and a big part of that is thanks to them proving time and time again that they’re some of K-Pop’s best dancers. The intricacy of the ‘Devil By The Window’ doesn’t get enough recognition if you ask us, but maybe that’s because TXT just make it look so easy.


A performance to prove that Beomgyu has been an elite dancer since day one! ‘CROWN’ is one of our favorite 4th Gen debuts, and with fancams like this, who can blame us?

‘Opening Sequence’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: TXT’s ability to embody any genre and any concept is hugely underrated! The linework and contemporary influence in the ‘Opening Sequence’ choreo sets it apart from the aggression in a lot of 4th Gen performances, and the fact that TXT can pull it off shows why they’re some of the very best dancers.

‘DNA’ & ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

Lowkey the only idol that could touch Taehyung’s DNA verse, Beomgyu’s dancing and singing are elite-tier here. ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ is often referred to as Beomgyu’s era, and with how much his performance skills shined, we’re not surprised. The energy of this era fit him so perfectly, and we lowkey miss it already.

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‘Sugar Rush Ride’

This fancam of the already-iconic ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ simply proves that whilst he’s been incredible since day one, Beomgyu’s performance skills are only getting better and better, and we should all be very afraid… 

After watching all of these fancams, do you see why we’re so utterly convinced that Beomgyu is one of the best dancers in 4th Gen K-Pop?

We wanna hear from you! If you’re a MOA who has a Beomgyu fancam we simply need to see, or if you have a favorite 4th Gen dancer we need to start stanning ASAP, hit us up! Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your thing, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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