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TOMORROW X TOGETHER Has Us Feeling Like ‘Happy Fools’ And Here’s Why

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Has Us Feeling Like ‘Happy Fools’ And Here’s Why

Before we talk about the TXT masterpiece that is The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, can we all have a moment of silence for those of us whose souls left their bodies after listening to this EP? The entire fantasy, the dream-like concept, is beautiful! 

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If you thought last year was TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s year, then brace yourself because it’s only the first month of the year, and they already left us wanting more of what’s to come for 2023. With that being said, we thought we’d point out a few of the things we loved about the quintet’s latest release because this work of art deserves some appreciation. 

The Concept And Visuals

Listen, we love all of TXT’s concepts, but this one, in particular, is very ethereal and undoubtedly a personal favorite. Their last EP, minisode: Thursday’s Child, was edgier and portrayed what heartbreak feels like. Prior to that, they released songs such as ‘Anti-Romantic,’ where they tried to disregard romance. Now? Well, now they discuss the feelings of temptation and growing up through tracks like ‘Devil by the Window’ and ‘Farewell, Neverland.’ Let’s just say you’re in for a treat, especially when you hear the beat drop for ‘Sugar Rush Ride.’ Not to mention, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai all look like they came straight out of a fairytale book. 

The Storytelling

The way TXT uses Peter Pan as inspiration and a reference for ‘Farewell, Neverland’ is very creative. We knew there was a reason why they’re some of our favorite Gen Z icons! It’s cool to see how they continue to build upon their storyline with each release and express all these different emotions through their music- love, happiness, anger, melancholy, and temptation. With every music video they have released so far, it feels like we’ve been watching brief montages of the whole story, and we can’t wait to see what’s next! 

Production Of The Songs

Last but not least, we have the amazing production of all five songs from their EP. It’s impossible not to want to dance and sing along, especially when ‘Tinnitus’ and ‘Happy Fools’ start to play. Also, we may be overanalyzing the songs a bit, but did anyone else notice that ‘Farewell, Neverland’ and ‘Lonely Boy’ have a similar beat? It’s subtle, but we think it’s there. No wonder we liked the song so much! 

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So, what did you like the most about TXT’s album? Was it the great storytelling that accompanied the astonishing visuals? Or was it the phenomenal vocals? Let us know at @thehoneypop. Want to read more about TXT, we got you! Click here


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