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Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL So Far

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL So Far

It’s that time again! It’s TXT comeback season, and our serotonin has skyrocketed. Comebacks can always be a little overwhelming with how much content we get, not to mention the euphoria of the new music itself! With this in mind, we thought we’d help you (and ourselves) out by breaking down everything we know so far about TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL! From Yeonjun revealing his favorite track to everything around the pre-release song, we’ve got you covered.

What Is The Name Chapter: FREEFALL?

The Name Chapter: FREEFALL is TXT’s third full-length album, following up The Dream Chapter: MAGIC and The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. They’re both masterpieces, and they gave us title tracks ‘Run Away’ and ‘0x1=LOVESONG,’ two of TXT’s biggest hits, respectively. All we’re saying is that MOA should be afraid!

FREEFALL is also the second release in TXT’s The Name Chapter series, following the mini-album TEMPTATION, which came out earlier this year. With the TEMPTATION era, tubatu’s career was taken up by about 304 notches, so we’re both excited and nervous to see what happens this time around.

What Is The Name Chapter: FREEFALL Gonna Sound Like?

Short answer: pretty good, we’re assuming!

Long answer: In terms of lyrical and conceptual direction, the members have said that listening to TEMPTATION‘s closing track, ‘Farewell Neverland,’ is our biggest clue. It adds up considering the chorus…

Neverland my love, 이젠 안녕 and I’m free-falling

TXT in ‘Farewell Neverland’ (이젠 안녕 translates to I bid you goodbye)

If ‘Farewell Neverland’ is a hint about the sonic direction too, and TXT gives us an indie-rock-influenced album, you best believe we’ll be buying 13 copies of every version and streaming it until our headphones break!

Speaking of versions, we’ve got the details on that too! There are three editions of the standard album: Reality, Melancholy, and Clarity. There are also the Gravity member versions and two Weverse versions. TEMPTATION reached 2.34 million preorders, and in the first eight days that FREEFALL has been available for preorder, they’ve conquered their record with 2.35 million! And all that without a concept photo in sight! If you wanna contribute to TXT’s brand new personal best, you can do so here!

And our last little hint on the album overall is that Yeonjun has already revealed on Weverse that track three is his favorite! Make of that information what you will, but we’re already claiming the song as ours!

What Does TXT Have In Store For Us?

Well, first up is a pre-release track! As the first part of their comeback schedule (more on that later), TXT announced their collaboration with Brazilian pop star Anitta! The track, ‘Back For More,’ is a disco-pop track and, if the teaser is anything to go by, a soon-to-be smash hit.

Joining TXTChartData on Stationhead, Anitta spilled some more info about the collab! She revealed that she traveled to South Korea last month to film content (and maybe the music video?!) with TXT. Anitta even confirmed that there is full choreography for the track and that it is hard.

Another thing we know about the track? TXT unanimously loved it instantly, and Soobin has even said it might be his favorite track on The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. Considering that four out of five members didn’t like queen ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ at first, we know they have their standards set high.

What Happens Next?

And the next date in the diary for MOA? The VMAs! TXT and Anitta will debut ‘Back For More’ on the VMAs stage on September 12th.

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And with the VMAs comes a trip to the U.S. and some promo! We already know they’ll be doing press thanks to the announcement of a new AskAnythingChat, so we patiently wait to see what else they have in store. And, y’know, we’re around, if BIGHIT are looking for interviewers…

When Is The Name Chapter: FREEFALL?

The Name Chapter: FREEFALL will officially be released on Friday 13th October, but they have a lot in store for us between now and then. BIGHIT has already released the schedule, and we have it for you right here:

Pre-Release Track – ‘Back For More’
  • Track poster & track highlight – 9/4 11 AM ET
  • Performance premiere at the VMAs – 9/12
  • Music video teaser – 9/13 11 AM ET
  • Music video and track release – 9/15 Midnight ET
  • More Edition release – 9/18 Midnight ET
The Name Chapter: FREEFALL
  • Concept teaser – 9/24 11 AM ET
  • Reality version concept photos – 9/26 11 AM ET
  • Reality version concept clip – 9/27 11 AM ET
  • Melancholy version concept photos – 9/29 11 AM ET
  • Melancholy version concept clip – 9/30 11 AM ET
  • Clarity version concept photos – 10/1 11 AM ET
  • Clarity version concept clip – 10/2 11 AM ET
  • Gravity version concept photos 10/3 11 AM ET
  • Tracklist – 10/5 11 AM ET
  • Title track highlight – 10/6 11 AM ET
  • Album preview – 10/8 11 AM ET
  • Title track music video teaser – 10/11 11 AM ET
  • Album and title track music video release – 10/13 Midnight ET

So there you have it! How are you preparing for a very busy comeback? What are you expecting from TXT and The Name Chapter: FREEFALL? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

And if you need more TOMORROW X TOGETHER in your life, you’re in the right place.


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