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The TXT TO DO Episodes Every MOA Needs To See

The TXT TO DO Episodes Every MOA Needs To See

If you haven’t ever watched TXT’s variety show TO DO, what are you doing? The five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER are, quite frankly, comedic geniuses, and it’s time the world knew it.

We’re here to fix all that, though! Every K-pop fan knows and loves the variety of shows that their idols take part in, and TXT’s is one of, if not the best. TXT have reached a milestone of 100 episodes of TO DO, which is a lot of content to catch up on! Maybe you’re a new MOA who feels a bit daunted by the idea, or perhaps you’ve been here a while but want an excuse to rewatch your faves. Either way, we’ve got the TO DO episodes that every single MOA needs to see right here!

TXT might be ultimate idols and consummate professionals now (when they’re not messing around), but that wasn’t always the case! The first episode of TO DO was released on January 13th, 2020, and they were very different back then! Our five 4th Gen It Boys were shy and awkward around the cameras, never really sure what to do with themselves. And look at them now…

Episode 2

Every K-pop stan loves content where their idols are reacting to, or battling, their own songs. Luckily for MOA, TXT gave us that from the very start! In the first couple of episodes of TO DO, TXT plays syllable relay karaoke and speed change dances. Plus a challenge where they have to dance TXT choreo to a different TXT song, which honestly blows our minds.

Episode 5

Episode five contains maybe the most iconic moment in TO DO history: “O-RAN-GE-A-DE!” Even if you’re not an MOA, you’ve probably seen this clip, and we’re never letting Beomgyu live it down. The ‘Screaming in Silence’ game is always iconic.

Episode 10

In case you’re not familiar with TXT’s lightstick, the MOAbong, let us tell you one of its coolest features! There’s a button on it that, when pressed, lights up all other MOAbongs in the area to help MOA find each other! In one of the most chaotic TO DO episodes (and lowkey some of the smartest advertising ever), TXT runs around Lotte World theme park trying to find, and holding onto, the one true MOAbong amongst a bunch of fakes. And chaos ensues.

Episode 14

This episode sees TXT play games in a convenience store. It makes this list for one reason and one reason only: the sound Huening Kai makes when he falls off his chair. Truly an iconic meme, and we’re still laughing at it almost as hard as Soobin does.

Episodes 20 & 21 – penalty bomb disposal finding the hidden cards

The first two-parter on our list sees TXT let loose in a soft play area or indoor jungle gym. They have to find cards that allow them to put ‘penalty bombs’ in each other’s color section, and this game is one of our faves for two reasons. One: they all kinda lose their minds towards the end. Two: Beomgyu’s singular focus on one card that isn’t any more special than the others but somehow fuels him with the determination to throw himself up a death slide at least 50 times.

Episode 29 – Fashion King Special

Episode 29 sees TXT style each other, and it lowkey feels like the birth of 4th Gen It Boy and fashion King Yeonjun. We were impressed by his sense of style then… If only we had known what we were in for.

Episodes 30 & 31 – Time Attack City

In case you’re not familiar with Kidzania, it’s basically a really tiny town where kids go on trips to try out different ‘jobs’ and decide what they want to do when they grow up. But TXT are already grown; in fact, they’re one of the tallest bands in the industry, so watching them chase after a mini fire engine and ride tiny tricycles has us in tears.

Episode 32 – First Year Anniversary

It’s TXT and TO DO’s first anniversary! So how do they celebrate that? By going bungee jumping, of course! We feel like we don’t need to say any more than that to convince you to watch this episode, TBH.

Episodes 42 & 43 – Back to the 7080

TXT, who are all super lanky, go rollerskating. Need we say more? We’re obsessed with Taehyun, usually both the smartest and the most athletic in the group, being truly, truly rubbish at it. Plus, who doesn’t love an episode of TO DO when Beomgyu decides to cause chaos and cheat his way through the whole thing?

Episodes 57 & 58 – Fake Staycation

This mini-series is truly a MOA fan favorite. The members each take it in turns to have control over the activities on this fake holiday, which basically results in some candy floss making and a whole lot of wrestling.

Episodes 63 & 64 – Happy Holiday Party

One of the single most iconic moments in TO DO history, if not TXT’s whole career TBH. We’re so sorry to say it, but watching Yeonjun’s emotional highs and lows over sort of winning that laptop brings us so much happiness.

See Also

Episodes 83 & 84 – Fly, TXT!

There are certain things that are just an idol variety show rite of passage, like the mafia game and ‘Screaming In Silence.’ Another one of those things is flying yoga. Two TO DO episodes of TXT yelling their heads off and floundering about in hammocks. What more could you ask for?

Episodes 90 & 91 – Fire In The Hole

TXT could rival any action movie hero in these episodes. Our tubatu are always at their funniest when they’re fighting each other, so give them laser guns and crossbows, and they’ll leave you in hysterics. Another thing to remember is that TXT, when they’re not being mega-talented pop stars, are a bunch of video game nerds, so these episodes are them at their best.

Episodes 99 & 100 – Tupmang Jinchang Awards

TXT celebrates 100 episodes of TO DO with an awards ceremony that is definitely not rigged… They then, dressed in suits that match their outfits in the very first episode, wrestle. The chances of a TO DO episode ending with the members fighting are not slim and never zero.

So did we convince you to give TO DO a go? Have you got a favorite episode? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more TXT? Right this way!

And if you want more things to watch? We’ve got you covered!


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