11 Of TXT Choi Yeonjun’s Most 4th-Gen-It-Boy Fancams

In case you haven’t heard already, we’re here to inform you that Choi Yeonjun is the 4th Gen It Boy. TXT’s eldest member is a true all-rounder with vocal, rap, and dance skills overflowing out of him, not to mention his elite sense of style that practically seeps from his pores.

MOA already knows just how talented Yeonjun is, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves every now and again! So, naturally, we watched around 200 Yeonjun fancams (that’s not an exaggeration, BTW) and have managed to curate eleven that you simply need to watch (or rewatch!).

‘PUMA’ At minisode: Blue Hour Comeback Showcase

No, but seriously? Where else could we begin? It’s the fancam that birthed a thousand edits. ‘PUMA’ features one of Yeonjun’s most iconic raps, and this particular performance is in another league. It’s also a great bridge between the ‘CYSM’ and ‘Blue Hour’ eras, which had vastly different aesthetics, as displayed by the contrast between the outfit styling and Yeonjun’s bubblegum pink hair. Plus, shout out to that 2:08 time stamp. The MOAs who get it, get it.

‘ZOOM,’ ‘Shut Down,’ ‘Run BTS,’ and ‘That That’ At 2022 Gayo Daejeon

Yeonjun is a man of many titles. He’s the 4th Gen It Boy, but he’s also the King of TikTok, the son of SBS Network, and the undisputed secret member of every girl group. So, naturally, when Gayo Daejeon had a special stage of the best dance challenges of 2022, who took centerstage? Our Yeonjun, of course! This performance went viral (as it should), and we’re still not over how hard he slayed the ‘Shut Down’ choreo.

‘DNA’ and ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ At 2022 Gayo Daejeon

Somehow, the TikTok dance stage wasn’t enough slaying for one day, at least in Yeonjun’s books. TXT also took to the Gayo Daejeon to perform ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ and a cover of their seniors BTS’ ‘DNA!’ All five members of tubatu absolutely killed this cover, but we have to shout about how iconic Yeonjun’s intro is.

‘Magic’ At MCountdown 210617

The iconic muscle memory video! We love how ‘Magic’ showcases Yeonjun’s ability to convey brightness and fun in a performance, but we especially love this fancam for the behind-the-scenes content. Yeonjun is just daydreaming whilst on standby and the track is accidentally played, causing his body to start dancing before his brain has even registered what’s happening! In our humble opinion, it’s not just his skills that make Yeonjun the 4th Gen It Boy, but his dedication too. As Taehyun wisely put it…

No one with your kind of talent works as hard as you do.

Taehyun to Yeonjun on Suchwita

‘Crown’ At TXT’s Debut Celebration

Confirmed: Choi Yeonjun has been a superstar since day one! Literally! This fancam from their debut celebration shows Yeonjun’s efforts from back when he was BIGHIT’s Legendary Trainee. The precision he performs ‘CROWN’ with is so impressive, and proves Yeonjun was a 4th Gen It Boy in the making, even back then.

‘Roller Coaster’ At SHINE X TOGETHER

‘Roller Coaster’ is a criminally underrated b-side, or at least TXT underrates it! This fancam from tubatu’s SHINE X TOGETHER fanlive showcases Yeonjun’s live vocals, and his skills when it comes to classic hip-hop choreography. Get you an It Boy who can do it all!

‘0x1=LOVESONG’ At 2021 Gayo Daejeon

Our number one recommendation for you when you watch this fancam is: watch Yeonjun’s camera work. You’ll see how much of a complete professional he is, having memorized the camera movements throughout the recording and never missing a chance to connect with the audience. Also, we just wanna take a second to thank TXT’s make-up artists for giving Yeonjun that glitter eye make-up look. Stunning stuff.

‘Opening Sequence’ At COMEBACK SHOW: Thursday’s Child

Of course, Yeonjun is known as an idol who is super cool; in fact, Soobin even calls him “the coolest oldest hyung.” But did you know how elegant he can be, too? ‘Opening Sequence’ is a fan-favorite track, not least for how unique the choreography is! A fancam this gorgeous from the very first day this era began? Heavenly!

‘Run Away’ At MCountdown 191024

Several Yeonjun fancams from the ‘Run Away’ era have literally millions of views. And, are we surprised? Not even slightly. TXT’s first comeback made their profiles skyrocket, both as a group and individually. This particular performance might be better known for making Soobin go viral as the “The Adidas guy,” but we’re equally obsessed with the Yeonjun fancam too!

See Also

‘LO$ER=LOVER’ At Show Champion Episode 406

‘LO$ER=LOVER’ is a TXT title track that really fits Yeonjun’s style, and this fancam is the proof! We miss the styling of this era so much, so any chance we get to rewatch it, we’re taking the opportunity. Plus, this particular performance features the very cutest ending fairy ever, and shows yet again how quickly Yeonjun can switch his energy up!

‘Sugar Rush Ride’ At Music Bank 230203

This is another fancam where we couldn’t love the behind-the-scenes content more if we tried! This time, though, it’s Yeonjun’s relationship with MOA that shines. He playfully scolds them, as he so often does with the members, for skipping dinner and staying up all night to go to TXT’s pre-recording. We love seeing him chat with MOA and then still be perfectly ready to go the second that recording begins. Sounds like the perfect idol to us!

Okay, it’s your turn to spill! What’s your fave Yeonjun fancam? How are you proving that he’s the 4th Gen It Boy? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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