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4 Reasons We’re Excited About TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL Tracklist

4 Reasons We’re Excited About TXT’s The Name Chapter: FREEFALL Tracklist

We can’t believe it’s actually nearly here! It’s just a couple of days until TOMORROW X TOGETHER unleash The Name Chapter: FREEFALL upon the world! TXT have now revealed the concept photos, tracklist, and previews for the album, and honey, we’ve got a big storm coming.

With a story centering around the idea of crashing down to reality and facing the consequences of what were once your dreams, there are so many directions TXT could’ve taken this concept. And honestly, it seems like they’ve chosen every direction! Their versatility knows no bounds. The tracklist for FREEFALL has us so hyped, and the album previews just got us even more worked up! Here’s why…

TXT’s Participation

We’re always shouting about our love for how much TXT contribute to their music. Now, with their 3rd full album, they’re adding to their credits! Tubatu co-wrote the lyrics on five out of nine tracks: ‘Growing Pain,’ ‘Dreamer,’ ‘Deep Down,’ ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Blue Spring.’

‘Blue Spring’

And speaking of… ‘Blue Spring’ enthusiasts rise! The fan song was the finale of every show on the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE tour, and we haven’t been the same since they first sang it for MOA. All five of tubatu have writing credits on this one, and even better, it’s produced by Beomgyu. First ‘Maze In The Mirror,’ then ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,’ and now ‘Blue Spring.’ Guess we can call producer Gyu a triple threat!

Genre Spanning

Literally, name any genre, and it seems like it’ll be in this album. TXT have dropped the preview for FREEFALL, and while the story might be about a crash and burn, they conquer the world sonically.

We open with hard rock in ‘Growing Pain’ (apparently Yeonjun’s favorite, a man of taste) and close with summer pop hit ‘Do It Like That.’ And there’s just about everything else you could wish for in between. Our current stand-out has to be ‘Dreamer.’ It took three years for R&B TXT to return after ’20CM,’ and from the preview alone, it’s been worth the wait.

‘Chasing That Feeling’

Oh boy, we’re in for a big one with this title track, aren’t we? Not only are we always gonna trust in a TXT track that has a Supreme Boi credit on it, but this one is also produced by Rock Mafia. If you’re not familiar with that name, they’re the duo behind some of your favorite hits by Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato, amongst others.

With the synth-pop and new wave influences in the preview, we already know we have a hit on our hands. We’re not the only ones who think so either, as Soobin has said on Weverse Live that he believes ‘Chasing That Feeling’ is a song that not only MOAs will love, but the general public will too.

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Got any predictions for The Name Chapter: FREEFALL? What song are you claiming from TXT’s tracklist? We wanna hear your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or we’re also on Instagram and Facebook!

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