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Miley Cyrus Still Can’t Be Tamed

Miley Cyrus Still Can’t Be Tamed

There are a handful of albums that rewrite the history of an artist as you know them. But Miley Cyrus has many due to her constant dedication to reinventing herself. Can’t Be Tamed was the first taste of just how dedicated Miley truly is, though. As well-known die-hard Smilers, we don’t have to tell you just how much we love Can’t Be Tamed. But it’s necessary to talk about how we can’t get enough of this one. We’re ready and beyond certified to take you through some of our favorites track from this record. Let’s start ‘Pumpin’ Up The Party!’ 

‘Who Owns My Heart’

It simply feels right to start with this one. Some people will define this record by its title track. But for us, this song captures the essence of this album perfectly. An upbeat dance floor anthem, this is a song all about questioning what’s real and what is make-believe. We can’t imagine growing up in the public eye the way Miley did. So it’s easy to believe that some people aren’t always entering her life with the best intentions. The way she voices these fears while explaining the beauty of what love can be, though? That’s for sure art! “And it hits me. Like a tidal wave. Are you feeling me? Or is the music to blame? Who owns my heart? Is it love, or is it art?”

‘Take Me Along’

This one is arguably one of our favorites on the album. Miley’s powerful belts truly drive each chorus home, and you can’t help but scream-sing along. Windows down, definitely speeding, and wind blowing through your hair. ‘Take Me Along’ is all about trying to understand losing someone you love so deeply. Miley is begging her partner to take her with her rather than leave her behind, and our hearts are yearning along with her. “I watched you leave; I’m awake tonight. And I’m letting go for the last time. And through the tears, I say goodbye. So breathe in, breathe in, breathe in, breathe out.” 

‘Two More Lonely People’

Thinking of Miley being lonely genuinely makes our hearts shatter. We’re simply hoping her partner heard her on this one and chose love over pride. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s wrong we lose sight of why we chose someone in the first place. Bringing everything back to where it started, love is the only thing that can snap you out of it in certain circumstances. “If I had to leave you now, there would be an empty space. It doesn’t matter, anyhow. You can take your things. And go your own way.”


Alright, time to grab your tissue boxes, honeybees. This track comes straight for your jugular. This is the one where the heartbreak sets in. Accepting that someone you love is willing to lose you for good is not easy in any regard. It’s something that can take ages to come to terms with. The emotion in Miley’s voice alone will have tears welling in your eyes immediately. “I never want to lose you, and if I had to, I would choose you. So stay, please always stay. You’re the one that I hold on to ’cause my heart would stop without you.”


It’s not shocking that being Miley can probably feel insanely suffocating sometimes. We can’t even imagine what it was like transitioning out of Hannah Montana for her. ‘Robot’ is one of the first songs of Miley’s where she touches on wanting to be herself and not what the “machine” has made her. Authenticity is the top priority for Miley, and she’ll be d*mned before she lets someone get in her way. “I would scream. But I’m just this hollow shell. Waiting here. Begging, “Please, set me free so I can feel.”

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Another song to dance to while you cry it out, ‘Scars,’ is a heartbreak masterpiece. This is one we belt out after our long moments of looking back on something that once was great. Thinking of going back to those moments when you’re so deep in love again, even if just for a second, is a feeling we more than understand, Miley“I can pretend that I don’t see you. And I can pretend I don’t wanna hold you. When you’re around.”

What’s your top track from Can’t Be Tamed? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can tell us your picks by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or let us know on Instagram or Facebook


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