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Make Way For Miley Cyrus, 2023 Is Here, And Her New Single Is On Its Way!

Make Way For Miley Cyrus, 2023 Is Here, And Her New Single Is On Its Way!

It’s the new year, and Miley Cyrus is ready to shower us with new music! ‘Flowers’ is on the way, and we are more than excited about it! We here at The Honey POP are huge Miley fans if that wasn’t already obvious, and this new song has us on the edge of our seats. Because we love Miley, we feel like it’s our duty to prepare you for this new release!

Let’s Talk Teaser Number One!

This short teaser truly has us more excited than we have ever been! The sight of Miley Cyrus strutting down the street, power surrounding her? That’s enough to sign us up immediately. Like the text at the end of the video, it’s a new year and a new Miley. What’s more exciting than that? We’ll tell you what, absolutely nothing.

We here at The Honey POP have a lot of goals this year, and one of them is to break the replay button on ‘Flowers’ the moment it releases. The little bit we heard in this teaser is enough to say we love this track already! So now we have two songs called ‘Flowers‘ to obsess over! (It’s even better that they have two separate vibes!)

Haven’t seen the first teaser? We’ve got your back!

Teaser Two?! Miley Is Working Overtime!

Miley Cyrus is taking a page out of Taylor Swift‘s book and keeping us guessing! The 14 seconds of this teaser told us nothing but everything. Did you guys catch the lyrics we got? I can love me better than you can! Color us in for this self-love party! No one can love you better than you love yourself, and that’s the energy we here at The Honey POP and Miley Cyrus are bringing into 2023. 

We can say we’re ready a million times, but we know that on January 13th, when ‘Flowers’ releases, we’re going to lose our minds. We are but fragile little bees obsessed with one Ms. Miley Cyrus, and her killer vocals! If these teasers tell us anything, it’s that Miley Cyrus is walking into 2023 with power and grace! What more could we ask for?

If you haven’t seen the second teaser, you’re in luck!

So What Exactly Should We Expect From Miley?

The answer to that is we have no idea! One thing is for sure, we’re excited to see whatever it is that she’s planning on bringing us this year! ‘Flowers’ is just the beginning, and we’re loving this new Miley already. Count us in for whatever she has in store for us this year! We’re calling it right now! 2023 is gonna be the year of Miley Cyrus!

Buckle up, honey bees! 2023 is in full gear, and that starts with ‘Flowers!’ On January 13th, catch us learning every lyric so we can scream it at the top of our lungs until our neighbors complain! This year is truly starting with that “bang” philosophers talked about all those years ago! It’s Miley Cyrus‘ world, and we are proudly just living in it.

What did you think of those teasers? What do you think Miley has in store for us this year? How excited are you for the release of ‘Flowers?’ Did you watch Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party? You can let us know in the comments, or if you’d prefer, let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Feel free to freak out with us on Discord!

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