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Six Of TXT’s Most Iconic Live Performances

Six Of TXT’s Most Iconic Live Performances

TXT has, as always, been killing the game recently. The 4th Gen It Boys debuted in 2019, which means they haven’t had many opportunities to perform in front of MOA so far. Nonetheless, TXT have already earned themselves a reputation for delivering iconic live performances!

Now, TXT are finally heading on their very first world tour! ACT: LOVE SICK kicks off in July, and TXT have just announced a bunch more dates! The tour starts at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul, before TXT head to the U.S. for the summer, including their slot at Lollapalooza. Naturally, all TXT’s tour dates sold out instantly, so it’s only right for ACT: LOVE SICK to be expanded so they can meet more MOA from all over the world!

Now, TXT have announced their plans for autumn! Throughout September and October, the group will be hitting: Osaka, Chiba, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, and Bangkok!

Here at THP, we couldn’t be any happier that TXT and MOA will get to hang out so much this year, so naturally, we’re celebrating! And what better way to do that than by taking a look at some of TXT’s best live performances so far? So wish us luck trying to pick our faves…

‘Blue Hour (Dance Break Ver.)’ at Music Bank

The way all MOAs bow down to this dance break. ‘Blue Hour’ is one of the most iconic songs in TXT’s skipless discography, and for a lot of good reasons. The disco track represented a new era, gave us dreamy aesthetics, and gifted us with some of their best choreo to date. The dance break version, complete with cowboy hats and trench coats, will always live rent-free in our minds. Plus, this particular live performance, with TXT in their music video outfits? Sheer perfection.

TXT’s Debut Celebration Showcase on MNet

TXT were destined to be K-Pop’s 4th Gen It Boys from the minute they debuted; they were already that good. Featuring their debut performances of songs like ‘Blue Orangeade’ and ‘CROWN,’ we simply had to include this. Besides, as far as THP MOA are concerned, ‘CROWN’ is still some of our fave TXT choreo ever!

‘Ghosting’ At KBS Radio

Here at THP, we are the absolute number one ‘Ghosting’ stans, and we will keep that title forever. Whilst we always love TXT’s routines, we also love seeing them take a step back and just vibe for a second! ‘Ghosting’ is an already unbelievably flawless track; combine that with the energy in this performance, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

‘GOOD BOY GONE BAD’ on The Kelly Clarkson Show

TXT gifted us with so many astonishing live performances during the minisode 2: Thursday’s Child era, many of which were finally in front of MOA! However, as much as we love all of those, for a wide variety of reasons, we have to say that this one might just be our fave. Their energy and choreo were on point as always, but there’s just that little something extra about their vocal delivery here.

’20cm’ On We K-Pop

You can breathe a sigh of relief; of course, we didn’t forget this one. Ask any MOA to name an iconic TXT live performance, and the chances that they say this one is pretty high. ’20cm’ features some of the most impressive, soulful, and emotive vocals of TXT’s career to date, and it’s from the same year they debuted! Truly a moment MOA will remember forever.

‘PUMA’ and ‘Blue Hour’ At The 2020 MMAs

And if we’ve put two performances of the ‘Blue Hour’ dance break on here, can you blame us? It’s truly that iconic. TXT did not come to play with this live performance at the 2020 MMAs, hitting MOA with two fan-favorite tracks back-to-back; ‘PUMA’ and ‘Blue Hour.’ Both songs represent completely different, but equally important sides of TXT’s group identity, so seeing them performed together was such a special moment for MOA!

With so many more live performances this good, is it any wonder that so many people wish they could see Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai IRL?

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Not seeing TXT on tour, and feeling distraught about it? Us too, bestie. But don’t worry, TXT’s concerts in Seoul are being live-streamed next week! And all the details for ACT: LOVE SICK are available here!

What’s your favorite TXT live performance so far? Any that we shouldn’t have left out of this list? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more TXT in your life? Here you go honey bee!


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