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7 Of The TXT Songs That Showcase Huening Kai’s Best Vocals

7 Of The TXT Songs That Showcase Huening Kai’s Best Vocals

Any opportunity we get to talk about TOMORROW X TOGETHER, you know the MOA at THP HQ is gonna take it. Today, we’re here to discuss TXT’s diamond maknae Huening Kai, and his incredible vocals.

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TXT are the 4th Gen It Boys who have earned a global reputation for being all-rounders who can conquer any genre. Their unparalleled ability to mix hip-hop and rock influences means that they have plenty to play with when it comes to lyrics and vocal delivery. TXT have no set roles other than Soobin as leader because all five members can sing, dance, and rap so well.

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Today though, we’re deep-diving into the vocal prowess of Huening Kai! He’s TXT’s maknae, known for his perfect pitch, virtuoso instrument playing, and yes, his incredible plushie collection. Hyuka is also an incredibly powerful vocalist with a tone that perfectly fuses genres. We’re such huge fans of Huening Kai and TXT here at THP that there was only one thing for it: we created this list of the TXT songs we think best showcase Hyuka’s vocal talents!

‘Lonely Boy (The tattoo on my ring finger)’

How else could we start this list? It simply had to be Huening Kai and Yeonjun’s unit song ‘Lonely Boy’ from minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. Both the eldest and youngest members of TXT have very versatile vocal deliveries that perfectly blend the acoustic guitar and trap-influenced beats on this track.


Of course, we had to include fan favorite ‘Frost!’ Hyuka opens the track with his manic laugh and his vocal delivery just gets better and better throughout the song. ‘Frost’ really showcases the raw power in Huening Kai’s vocals, and we love to see it. Also, a moment of silence for Mint Hyuka. We miss him every day.


Another TXT article, another opportunity for us to talk about ‘Ghosting.’ Huening Kai’s voice was made for the dreamy synthpop of this track, and we love the contrast between his usual more powerful delivery and the breathiness of his vocals on this track.

‘Opening Sequence’

Not only did Huening Kai co-write this track along with Taehyun, but they also kill the performance of it every single time. Huening Kai and Taehyun are both known for their powerful belting delivery, and this rock-inspired emotional track perfectly displays that. Plus, ‘Opening Sequence’ gifted MOA with maybe TXT’s best choreo ever.

‘Can’t You See Me?’

You already knew this track would make this list, huh? It’s probably fair to say that a lot of MOA associate ‘Can’t You See Me?’ with Hyuka. It was an era where we saw a lot of growth from TXT’s maknae, and Huening Kai’s vocals are always at their best when TXT’s concept is a little spooky.

‘Dear Sputnik’

As if we were gonna leave this one out! ‘Dear Sputnik’ is a top-tier b-side that a lot of MOA hold close to their heart. Not only does Kai deliver the goods vocally, but he also wrote and produced this track. We have a feeling this rock-inspired song will remain an iconic fan favorite for all of TXT’s careers.


Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but we’re already gonna say it: seeing the full version of ‘Eternally’ performed on the ACT: LOVE SICK tour is one of our highlights of 2022. We’re obviously obsessed with the choreo, but we also love the opportunity to hear the diversity of Hyuka’s vocals all in one track, including his low register as the chorus breaks down.

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To be honest, we think we need to stop there before we accidentally add every song in TXT’s discography to this list. There’s no denying it though, Huening Kai is one of the best 4th gen vocalists, and these songs prove it!

Which TXT song do you think best showcases Huening Kai’s vocals? Are we missing a track that simply needed to be on this list? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! And if Twitter isn’t your thing, we can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram!

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