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Which Bella Poarch Songs Would Different Dolls Listen To?

Which Bella Poarch Songs Would Different Dolls Listen To?

We already loved Bella Poarch, but wow. She just dropped her debut EP, Dolls, and we’ve had it on repeat so much that whoever checks up on our Last.FM is probably wondering if we’re okay. We’re more than okay though, now that we officially have a Bella project! 

Dolls is a six-track exploration of different things Bella has gone through, the confident attitude she carries herself with, and her ambition as an artist. From the first time we heard ‘Build A B*tch’ in 2021, we knew Bella was something special, and this is just further proof. No one’s making music that sounds like hers right now, and no one can balance edgy lyrics with irresistibly catchy melodies quite like she can.

I’m really excited to release my first EP after starting this journey during lockdown. Dolls is my personal story of challenges and growth over time that I hope my fans can relate to.

Bella Poarch

Between the Barbie references on ‘Build A B*tch’ and the EP title, Dolls has us thinking about our favorite dolls we had in our childhood and that we’ve seen on store shelves over the years. Here’s which dolls we think would listen to each track!

‘Build A B*tch’ – Barbie

Kinda on-the-nose, but we thought this would be a good one to start with! We think Barbie would appreciate the poppy sound of Bella’s viral debut single – maybe she’d hop on the TikTok trends, too? This song is all about embracing your so-called imperfections and refusing to let men or society tell you what to do with your appearance. You don’t have to conform to anyone’s expectations, and as a woman who’s tackled so many careers and styles, Barbie is a great example of that!

“Boys are always playing dolls
Looking for their Barbie
They don’t look like Ken at all…”

‘Dolls’ – Bratz

Bratz always gave us confident, sassy vibes, so we think Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin would love the take-no-BS anthem ‘Dolls!’ When we listen to this track, we can practically see the edgy Rock Angelz collection in our heads. And the contrast in the music video between Bella’s dark outfit and the pastel dresses the other girls are wearing lowkey reminds us of the 2000s debate of whether Bratz or Barbies were more fun. 

“Might be pretty, but we’re still
Bitter as much as we’re sweet…”

‘Living Hell’ – Monster High

From the moment we heard the eerie intro notes and the opening “I don’t believe in ghosts” line, we knew ‘Living Hell’ would give us the ultimate Monster High vibes. It has a sinister feel but doesn’t lean entirely into darkness, much like some of our favorite MH characters – we’re looking at you, Draculaura! 

“I’m only gonna ghost
I can make your life a livin’ hell
If I wanted to, wanted to…”

‘No Man’s Land’ – Rainbow High

We’re in love with the bouncy sound of ‘No Man’s Land’ that contrasts its fierce lyrics, and we think the students of Rainbow High would appreciate the edgy sass Bella delivers on this track! The girls at Rainbow High have such a tight-knit bond that reminds us of the friendship between Bella and featured artist Grimes. You could even argue that the darker feel behind the lyrics would be closer to Shadow High, the black-and-white collection of the franchise!

“Ooh, I’m gonna break every heart ’til it’s no man’s land
I’ll draw all my scars on them
Ooh, I’ll make ’em scared of the dark so they understand
Why I want a no man’s land…”

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‘Villain’ – Polly Pocket

The guitar on the first verse of ‘Villain’ gives us 2000s pop-punk vibes in a way, so we feel like Polly Pocket and friends would be totally into it! The dolls were mostly pastel-adjacent, but hey, maybe they had an emo phase or an iPod secretly full of Avril Lavigne and Blink-182. There was also that one PollyWorld theme park playset with a guitar ride, so it’s not far off!

“Pushin’ all your buttons ’til you’re crawlin’ on the floor
You say you hate my guts, but you’re still comin’ back for more…”

‘INFERNO’ With Sub Urban – Ever After High

When Sub Urban sings, “she’s a villain,” EAH’s Raven Queen pops right into our minds. And when Bella sings, “no halo,” we’re imagining if an Ever After High student had beef with C.A. Cupid and was trying to outshine her. The strings on the song also give us an elegant feel, which matches with the gorgeous detailed outfits the dolls came with!

“No halo, baby, I’m the reason why Hell’s so hot…”

What did you think of Bella Poarch’s Dolls EP? Did you have any of these dolls when you were younger? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And if you want more music recs, click here – we’ve got plenty, and you already know we can talk about our faves all day!


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