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3 Date Ideas Inspired By Bella Poarch & Lauv’s ‘Crush’

3 Date Ideas Inspired By Bella Poarch & Lauv’s ‘Crush’

What do we love more: those initial butterflies you feel when you meet that person or hearing new music from our favorite artists? Luckily, right now, we don’t have to choose one over the other! Bella Poarch and Lauv have swept in right in time for cuffing season with the bubbly ‘Crush,’ an anthem all about how fun the carefree crush phase is before deeper feelings set in. Not only are we in love with the song, but we’re also in love with this combination – Bella and Lauv are such a powerful duo, and their voices really complement each other in such a stunning way.

‘Crush’ is this fun, brighter side of me that I’m excited to showcase. The song itself is light, cheeky, and it gives you the flirty feeling of butterflies in your stomach that you get when sparks begin to fly. It’s about being in the moment and indulging in the simple things like binging Love Island, or having an innocent crush without overthinking it (which I’m guilty of). Lauv is such an incredible artist and being able to work with him is such an honor. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I LAUVed working with him hehe.

Bella Poarch

Naturally, the exciting energy of ‘Crush’ has us giggling and kicking our feet a little, thinking about our own crushes. It’d be the perfect soundtrack for a date, so why not take some inspiration from the song for one? Check out ‘Crush’ below, then hit up your crush and invite them on one of these fun date ideas!

A Beachside Picnic

Sure, summer may be basically over, but that just means there will be fewer people at the beach to distract from your Main Character moment! You could make heart-shaped sandwiches, cut up some fruit, and add some sweet cupcakes for dessert. And who hasn’t secretly dreamed of a seaside picnic at least once? If the beach is out of the question, try a poolside moment like Bella’s poolside hangout from the music video.

“In the car on the beach, looking at you when you look back at me…”

A Reality TV Marathon

If you’re more of a homebody, why not invite your ‘Crush’ over for a little reality TV watch party? Come on, we all have that one guilty pleasure show that we secretly hope the love of our life will watch with us someday. Bonus points if yours is actually Love Island like Lauv mentions in his verse!

Love Island is my favorite show…”

A Songwriting Session

Inspired by Lauv’s piano scene from the music video, we think writing a song together would be the cutest thing ever if you’re both music lovers! Maybe you don’t have a pink piano like his, but still. If you’re feeling bold, you could even write a song about your feelings for them for a unique confession!

‘Crush’ is about that feeling when you’re into someone but don’t wanna cross the line cause it’s so fun just being slightly into them. I wrote this song in Thailand with some amazing songwriters and when Bella wanted to record it, I was so excited to hear her take on it. Love singing with her and so happy ‘Crush’ is finally out!

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Which lyric from ‘Crush’ is your favorite? If Bella and Lauv worked together again, what kind of song would you want them to make? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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