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Our Nine Best Moments From TXT’s ACT: LOVE SICK In Seoul, As We Celebrate The Start Of The US Leg!

Our Nine Best Moments From TXT’s ACT: LOVE SICK In Seoul, As We Celebrate The Start Of The US Leg!

We can’t believe it; TXT have embarked on their first-ever world tour, ACT: LOVE SICK! We finally got to see TXT perform so many of the songs MOA love – and TXT got to feel MOAs love and support in return – in person! And to make it even better? TXT streamed their concerts live from Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, so MOAs all around the world could enjoy!

Just like all of you, we were glued to our laptop screens over the weekend, watching both shows, and K-Pop’s 4th Gen It Boys killed the stage! ACT: LOVE SICK has been living in our minds rent-free ever since, and so naturally, we created this list of our favorite moments to help us recover from the live-streamed shows.


Ghosting’ is an elite tier TXT b-side (yes, we are talking about it again), and we couldn’t be happier that it’s made it onto the ACT: LOVE SICK setlist! We’ve loved every minute of seeing TXT having fun with each other on stage, especially with the confetti cannons during this track!

‘Eternally’ Stage

The way the crowd in Jamsil Stadium screamed when the transition of ‘Eternally’ hit… a big mood. We truly cannot believe we got the full version, including choreo, after years of waiting and the snippet we got last year at ACT: BOY. We’re so happy this god-tier track is getting its chance to shine, and we’re even happier TXT got to see MOA’s reaction in person. We need MOA to scream so loud that TXT mention it in their ending ments every night.

‘MOA Diary’ With MOA!

We got ‘MOA Diary’ with MOA! Imagine being a lucky enough MOA to see TXT perform their first fan song on the first day of their first world tour? We were euphoric just watching it through our screens, never mind being there IRL. Plus, the MOA Diary choreography is so fun, although we will not be discussing Soobin sprinkling the ‘No Rules’ choreo there too.

All The Cute Member Interactions

We may have already mentioned this, but it’s worth restating: we’re obsessed with seeing TXT having fun and vibing with each other on the ACT: LOVE SICK stage. There were honestly too many cute moments to count, and we can’t wait for all the new ones we’ll get during the next leg of the tour!

‘Lonely Boy’ And Rap Battles?

When we got our first TXT unit songs in minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, we immediately wondered if we would see sub-unit performances on tour. And we got them! Not only were we thrilled to see Yeonjun and Hueningkai perform ‘Lonely Boy,’ but it then got even better with all of the members taking turns to attempt and lowkey make fun of, Yeonjun’s rap verse. It’s one of TXT’s funniest inside jokes, thanks to Beomgyu, so we loved seeing it happen on stage in front of MOA!

‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’ OT5 Version

Maybe the only thing better than new sub-unit performances is new performances of sub-unit songs… by the whole band. This OT5 version of ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’ is one we’ll remember forever, especially as they ran through the crowd and interacted with the audience!

txt act love sick
Image Source: TXT_BIGHIT on Twitter

The Setlist

We may have already made it clear, but just in case: we cannot and will not get over this setlist. It must have been pretty difficult to decide, seeing as TXT has a skipless discography, but they did an incredible job choosing the songs. We’re so glad older tracks like ‘New Rules’ and ‘Blue Orangeade’ were included alongside every song from minisode 2: Thursday’s Child! We also love some of the versions they chose, like the dance break versions of ‘PUMA’ and ‘Blue Hour,’ and the rock version of ‘Can’t You See Me?’

‘Sweat’ Live

Are we sweating whilst writing this? Maybe so. We might say it a lot, but we really, truly, cannot believe TXT decided to close the ACT: LOVE SICK stage with this song. It’s a secret track you have to unlock and isn’t on streaming platforms. Even some MOA might not know about it, we’d honestly never thought we’d see it live in a million years.

Some Very Heartfelt Ending Ments

txt act love sick
Image Source: TXT_BIGHIT on Twitter

One of the best parts of any concert is when the artist really takes in the moment, and you get to witness them as they realize the magnitude of what they’re doing. TXT’s ending ments from both shows were really heartfelt, and it was so lovely to see them absorbing the moment during the encores!

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What’s next for TXT?

Well, the 4th gen front runners are spending their summer in the U.S. for the next leg of the ACT: LOVE SICK tour!

TXT held their first U.S. show in three years at Chicago’s Rosemont Theater last night, to a sold out crowd! They treated U.S. MOA to the same, already iconic, setlist, as well as an added treat of ‘Cat & Dog!’ Now, they’ll be heading to New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with a little pit stop at Good Morning America. Every single one of these shows sold out instantly, and we can’t wait to see the energy and support that MOA are going to give to TXT!

And even after that, TXT don’t rest – they still have that super exciting Lollapalooza set later this month, where they’ll be making their festival debut. Plus there’s still the Asia leg of ACT: LOVE SICK this fall. We can’t wait to see all the fun highlights that come from the rest of the tour and to see TXT flourish on stage where they belong!

What were your highlights from the opening shows of ACT: LOVE SICK? Let us know all of your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! If that’s not your cup of tea, we can also be found over on Facebook and Instagram!

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