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Five Of Our Fave TXT Thursday’s Child Era Performances (So Far)

Five Of Our Fave TXT Thursday’s Child Era Performances (So Far)

Is there any stopping TXT? Sure doesn’t seem like it! With their latest release, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, TXT have reached even higher heights than they did with the iconic era that was The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, and we’re here to celebrate that! TXT have smashed so many of their own records this comeback, including their highest charting position (so far) on the Billboard 200!

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TXT’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child stormed onto the Billboard 200 at a mind-blowing number four, which is their second consecutive entry in the top five! TXT have consistently built on their hard work and chart success since their debut; The Dream Chapter: STAR hit No. 140, their third EP, minisode 1: Blue Hour, charted at No. 25, and their album, The Chaos Chapter FREEZE, marked their first time in the top five.

The 4th Gen It Boys just keep getting better and better, we nearly shed tears over the growth they’ve shown in the minisode 2: Thursday’s Child era. But not only is the album incredible, the stages have been too! So, naturally, we’re here to talk about our fave minisode 2: Thursday’s Child era performances so far. We’re truly sorry if this just makes you wish you’d gotten tickets to the U.S. leg of TXT’s first world tour, ACT: LOVESICK this summer, which sold out pretty much instantly. Obviously.

‘Opening Sequence’ Dance Practice

Look, if you’ve ever read a TXT article on THP before, you probably know how obsessed we are with the ‘No Rules’ dance practice. However, we have a confession to make: we think we might have a new favorite! ‘Opening Sequence’ features some of TXT’s most emotional and captivating choreo yet, plus those dance practice fits always hit!

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ At Inkigayo 220522

Of course, TXT were gonna kill it both times they paid a visit to MC Yeonjun‘s second home, Inkigayo! ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ is one of TXT‘s most enchanting stages, and they really upped the ante for these two performances!

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ Relay Dance

Though we suppose it’s technically not a performance, we simply had to include the ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ relay dance! A TXT comeback isn’t complete without Beomgyu winding up Yeonjun and making fun of his rap, which he delivers hilariously here.

‘Trust Fund Baby’ At Their Media Comeback Show

Here at THP, we were truly honored to go to TXT’s media showcase for the release of minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. TXT treated us to epic performances of ‘Opening Sequence,’ ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ and ‘Trust Fund Baby.’ This performance of ‘Trust Fund Baby’ is forever stuck in our heads thanks to the elite vocal performances from every member, as well as those dreamy outfits.

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ Dance Practice

As we mentioned above, and will continue to mention forever, TXT always come through with the dance practices! Naturally, the practice for minisode 2: Thursday’s Child title track ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ is no exception to that rule!

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See? TXT are unstoppable right now! What’s your favorite performance from TXT’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child era? Let us know all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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