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Why Former “Tumblr Teens” Will Adore Linn Cervell’s ‘Feel So Much’

Why Former “Tumblr Teens” Will Adore Linn Cervell’s ‘Feel So Much’

There are few things we at THP love more than when we listen to a new artist who seems to really get us. And it just so happens that the incredible Linn Cervell is one of those artists! Her new track ‘Feel So Much’ gets us in our feels for the days when we spent hours scrolling on Tumblr for moodboards, fan edits, and aesthetics to take inspiration from.

Here are some hallmarks of the golden Tumblr era that take center stage on Linn Cervell’s ‘Feel So Much’ in the most relatable way possible!

“Tried to channel Hayley Williams…”

Were you really a Tumblr kid if you didn’t idolize Hayley Williams of Paramore? We think not! Hayley has always been a trailblazer for women on the pop-punk and rock scenes, as well as simply being a talented and kind person we’ve admired for years. We love that Linn paid homage to such an incredible artist here!

“Wanted to be Bella Swan…”

“I know what you are,” Linn would insist. “Say it,” Edward Cullen would reply. “A… a Tumblr kid,” Linn would answer. And she would be right. Tumblr has been a meeting ground for fans of the Twilight saga since it came out, thanks to its emphasis on creating a fun space for fandoms. Face it, we all wanted to have a mysterious-yet-passionate love story like Bella and Edward when we were younger!

“Romanticizing feeling depressed, I made everything into a song… We wrote poems in our diaries…”

The #sadgirl side of Tumblr has been a safe corner for people to vent and let out their feelings, whether it’s through text posts that plainly explain what they’re feeling or a song or poem that turned the sadness into something to be celebrated. And while it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling and go through the motions, you should never fully wallow in it. There are tons of resources out there that can help you through it, as well as tons of songs to help you feel less alone!

“Put flowers on our heads…”

Finally, we get to one of the biggest trends that Tumblr convinced us we needed to try out. Whether trying one out with our latest OOTD or just editing a photo of one onto a picture of our faves, flower crowns were everywhere. Wearing one simultaneously made us feel like we were going to the coolest music festival ever and like we were magical fairies in a hidden forest. Don’t judge, we know you felt it too!

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What were your favorite trends you ran into on Tumblr? What do you think of Linn Cervell’s interpretation of that era with ‘Feel So Much?? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And, of course, you can check out our own Tumblr right here.

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