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Six TXT Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

Six TXT Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

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TXT has had some incredible singles in their career so far, from ‘LO$ER=LOVER,’ to ‘Blue Hour,’ to ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ us MOA, are pretty lucky. However, we can’t help but feel there are a couple of underrated tracks in their skip-less discography that we wish had gotten more time in the limelight. So, here are the TXT songs we think deserved to be singles!


Absolute anthem ‘Ghosting,’ from Minisode 1: Blue Hour, already gifted us with some of TXT’s best live performances, so we love to imagine what it could’ve been done as a single. It’s also something of an anomaly in TXT’s discography, so we would’ve loved for it to have time to really shine as a single. Plus, the song’s 80s synth-pop John Hughes-y energy would’ve probably resulted in some really cool concepts and styling for a music video.

‘Blue Orangeade’

In our humble opinion, ‘CROWN’ was literally the perfect debut song, but we do admit we have a little soft spot for ‘Blue Orangeade.’ The vocals and harmonies are some of TXT’s best, which is especially impressive when you remember it’s on their debut EP. Plus, the lyric video is so bright and colorful, so a full-blown music video would’ve been so much fun!

‘No Rules’

Let us please, have yet another moment of your time to talk about the ‘No Rules’ dance practice. Every single live performance of this track is incredible, and we will never recover from the choreography. It’s TXT at their most enthusiastic and fun, so we would’ve loved this to be a single and have a music video – especially as so many of the videos within the TXT Universe are so dark.


As if we could ever write this list without including fan-favorite ‘20cm.’ We love this R&B moment from TXT, and while we’d love to one day maybe see a full comeback in the kind of genre, as would Soobin, for now, we’ll happily settle with watching fancams of the live version of this over and over. This song is super emotional, and we would’ve loved to have seen where TXT could’ve taken that concept for a music video and comeback performances if it were a single. 


If you want to talk about TXT songs that don’t sound like any other, then we have to talk about ‘Eternally.’ Yeah, ‘Eternally’ did get a monstrous 20-minute long music video, which is frankly a cinematic masterpiece. However, technically it wasn’t a single, so we’re still campaigning for this song. In just one song, TXT showcases so many of their different styles and talents, so we think this could’ve been a great single to attract many different fans. Instead, we’ll settle for how fun it is to watch a baby MOA listen to this track for the first time, seeing their minds get absolutely blown at 1:14.


2021 was an amazing year for TXT. Especially last summer when you could not escape ‘Anti-Romantic’ on TikTok no matter what. And we know it might be greedy because we got so many incredible singles from the FREEZE and FIGHT OR ESCAPE eras, but we can’t help but wish this had been one too! It’s not too often that TXT releases slower tracks or ballads as singles, and we think their vocals really shine in this one.

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Any TXT songs that you think are especially underrated? Do you agree with our list or did we miss a TXT song that clearly deserved to be a single? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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