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Four Times Choi Beomgyu Was TXT’s Perfect Mood Maker

Four Times Choi Beomgyu Was TXT’s Perfect Mood Maker

Affectionately, and accurately, nicknamed TXT’s middle child, Choi Beomgyu is full of energy. He’s always up for a laugh, and even more up for mischief, so it’s no wonder that Beomgyu is known as TXT’s mood maker. Here at THP, we’re the biggest MOA you can think of, and we especially love the dynamics between the members. We really admire the way Beomgyu and his iconic sense of humor lift the mood of everyone around him, including all of TXT. So, these are some of our favorite moments that prove he has truly earned the title of TXT’s mood maker!

“Soobin is good looking”

Now, this was savage, even for Beomgyu and Soobin’s hilarious love-hate relationship. Honestly, we’re obsessed with this whole interview, especially Taehyun’s stoic expression when he makes the “death” joke, but Beomgyu saying that the best joke he knows is calling Soobin handsome, is hysterical. Plus Yeonjun and Soobin’s reactions crack us up every time. 

Showterview With Jessi

Every single second of TXT on Jessi’s Showterview was a hot mess, in the best possible way. Their energy perfectly matched Jessi, and the whole thing is hilarious. Beomgyu, in particular, is on top form, basically just trying his best to wind everyone up. Just six minutes in, Jessi calls him out, saying that he talks back a lot. Did she lie though?

“This is your present”

Every episode of TO DO leaves us in hysterics, and so often that’s because of Beomgyu and the chaos he causes, plus the way he makes all the other members as carefree and mischievous as he is! One of the very best though is this scene where TXT are playing cards and Beomgyu, as usual, is gleeful at the idea of annoying Yeonjun.

Mimicking Yeonjun’s Verses

Speaking of Beomgyu winding Yeonjun up, which seems to be something he lives and breathes for, our personal favorite moments have got to be whenever Beomgyu impersonates Yeonjun. His impressions are hilarious, and Yeonjuns reactions are equally funny! They really seem to have the ultimate big brother/little brother dynamic.

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You see what we mean right? Beomgyu truly is one of the funniest idols out there, and we love seeing how he energizes everyone around him, especially TXT!

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What are your favorite moments of Beomgyu being TXT’s ultimate mood maker? Any that we really shouldn’t have left out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or over on @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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