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Here’s How TXT’s Choi Soobin Is An Amazing Leader

Here’s How TXT’s Choi Soobin Is An Amazing Leader

4th Gen (It Boys) group TXT have only one set position – because they’re all elite tier singers, rappers, and dancers. Second-oldest member, and Sagittarius King, Choi Soobin is TXT’s official leader, and he’s truly the best of the best. 

The other members of TXT never stop talking about how much they value Soobin and his leadership skills, and for good reason. Soobin takes care of the other members at any given opportunity, from wiping food off their faces on live streams (not joking, this happens too often) to helping maknae Huening Kai with his maths work. Just like TXT, MOA are really grateful for Soobin’s leadership, so we’ve listed a few (trust us, there are so many more) of the ways he proves he’s the perfect leader.

His Patience

Let’s face facts: TXT are a rowdy bunch. They’re always winding each other up, and whilst Soobin definitely has his mischievous moments, he’s also the most introverted of the members. Quite often, as the other four are running around wreaking havoc (see: beomjun), you’ll find Soobin just watching the chaos reign. Plus, whenever the members turn their attention to Soobin and start trying to provoke him, he mostly just lets it happen unless they really push him to his limit. After that, bets are off…

Helping Taehyun Achieve His Fanboy Dreams

Every MOA knows how much Taehyun adores SHINee. He often talks about how they inspired him to become an idol in the first place. Well, who doesn’t want to meet their heroes or tell them all the ways they’ve inspired you? Well, during his (epic, iconic, legendary) run as MC on Music Bank, Soobin had the opportunity to interview the Prince of K-Pop Taemin, and he didn’t let the opportunity go to waste!

Not only did he give Taemin a signed TXT album and letter from Taehyun, but the next time Taemin was on the show, Taemin returned the favor! These moments of kindness clearly meant a lot to Taehyun, probably only beaten by the time he interviewed Taemin himself. Life goals, to say the least.

The Other Members Adore Him

Don’t you yet believe us when we say that Soobin is one of the best leaders in K-Pop? Well, don’t just take it from us; the other members of TXT agree. They’re all always talking about how much they respect and admire him for his leadership, but one particular member, Taehyun, is especially vocal about it;

“I think he’s a great leader that’s rare in this generation. The reason I think he is a great leader is, he doesn’t just lead the members one-sidedly, but respects the personalities of each person, so that he can stimulate our abilities to the greatest extent and support us”

Kang Taehyun

Taking Care Of The Members

Taehyun is right, though. Soobin seems to really understand that different people work in different ways and tailors his leadership style to each member. Plus, Soobin is a very attentive leader, always checking in on the members and, yes, wiping food off their faces.

Another thing MOA loves about Choi Soobin? He’s a scaredy-cat. The cutest thing of all though is that every time he gets scared, he checks on the members first. In fact, Soobin is a leader who always puts the other members first. He’s clearly a leader who respects the individuality and needs of every single member. He’s kind and patient (and lets them get away with murder tbh) whilst also making sure TXT are working hard to grow as a band every single day. MOA know we’re lucky to have him and all of TXT!

MOA – what do you think it is that makes Soobin such a special leader for TXT? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

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